March 21st, 2010

A U.S. first - Healthy Workplace (Bullying) Bill passes Illinois Senate

On March 18, the Illinois state Senate passed a version of the WBI anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill with a vote of 35-17.  SB 3566 sponsored by Sen. Wm. Delgado. Visit the official HWB website for the status of our Legislative Campaign in all states.

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  • Beth

    What Illinois agency will be investigating claims of workplace bullying?

    • Dr. Gary Namie

      Of course this bill died in the IL House of Representatives after Senate passage. However, no state agency would be involved in any claims. The Healthy Workplace Bill requires private legal action and keeps government out of the picture. Plaintiffs have to rely on the courts. Read all about it at the website for the Healthy Workplace Campaign.

  • 1st Sgt Butch Smith

    My comment is why would the IL house kill a bill designed to protect people. Maybe they need some bulling themselves to understand the stress the body goes through and the PTSD that comes with it. Or maybe we vote them all out of office.

    A army drillsgt who knows first hand how to bullie :)

  • Chris

    Of course Illinois killed the bill. This state is among the worst in workplace satisfaction and is intolerably deficient in how it treats employees.

  • Noelle

    I’m an adult an in an organization voulnteering. I am being bullied by a bunch of women who got close to the head volunteer and bullyied me out in the open in front of my kids and others
    What can I do legally?

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