April 13th, 2012

Workplace Bullying, Violence & ‘Murder by Proxy’ Film

On April, 13 2012 WBI Director Namie, “Murder By Proxy” filmmaker Emil Chiaberi and former target who won a $1.4 million settlement contribute to a CNN news story.

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  • Gregory Hanson

    As an employee of the US Postal Service for over 28 years I have seen bulling many times & have been bullied myself by Postal management. This culture in the workplace is common and whenever an employee complains nothing is ever done. I once had a supervisor get in my face and tell me ” I am making you my new project, BOY!”. I reported this to the OIG, Postal Inspection Service, APWU & the Postmaster. This supervisor was in a physical altercation with another employee before coming to my office. He currently is making $75,000 a year who knows what he does. My current supervisor makes demeaning remarks to myself and other co-workers in front of customers. Her nickname is “Bulldog”. All I want is to get my 30 years and get the hell out. It’s to bad because it doesn’t have to be that way.

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