September 21st, 2012

Types of Bullies from The Bully At Work by the Drs. Namie


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  • Harriet Emerson

    Great workplace bullies summary. 

  • Platoskim77

    so on target – the gatekeeper gives me nightmares!  And this is during the day

  • Joan Bond

    Very interesting.  I just had a bad case of bullying by two male coworkers behind closed doors.  Very degrading comments made, unprofessional conduct, yelling at me, etc.  When I reported it to my female boss, I got fired the very day.  My work was very good quality, no reason given.  This is endemic in the workplace and causes great stress.  Also told that there are no legal remedies since there was no proof this happened.  Thanks for shining the light on this.  I will be more aware of these types from now on.

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