September 27th, 2012

Treating PTSD: Lessons from veterans for workplace bullying targets

Wanted to alert WBI followers to a marvelous review of the newest approaches to treating PTSD written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Tina Rosenberg. The New York Times article is called For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma. Key points include:

- alternatives to cognitive behavioral therapy (talk-insight) exist in which PTSD victims do not have to recite details of their ordeal to de-sensitize themselves over time
- a Mind-Body program has a low dropout rate with 80% improvement score
- mindfulness may bring positive results

Like military veterans, targets exposed for a long time to severe conditions also suffer PTSD. According to the WBI 2012 Health Impact survey, 30% of bullied targets were diagnosed with PTSD. The NY Times article contains a wealth of useful information and links.

The Army has a new program called About Face. Here is a success story.


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  • kay

    This information is very helpful and completely relative. PTSD is in my opinion an almost inevitable result of Workplace Bullying where there is a complete denial by designated managers and void of anything that resembles ethical leadership. 

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