April 15th, 2014

Workplace Bullying: U.S. Workforce & Population Affected


We begin with the frequencies reported for each of the bullying experience categories from the Survey previously discussed — the two classes of direct experience with bullying, the two witnessing classes, and the self-described perpetrators, and the three classes of individuals with no personal bullying experience (believers and disbelievers who were both aware of bullying, and those who claim to be not aware of bullying).

The Survey was conducted at a time when the U.S. non-farm labor force was approximately 137,499,000. We are able to estimate the equivalent number of working Americans that correspond to each bullying experience category. The estimates appear in the middle column in the table below.

Then, we estimate the adult (over age 18) U.S. population, 76.5% of the total, to be 240,113,369 (in 2012). We apply the bullying experience category frequencies to that total and arrive at the values in the right column in the table below.

Experience Category
In Workforce
In U.S. Population
Currently bullied
9.8 million
17.1 million
Been bullied
27 million
47.2 million
Witnessed bullying
28.7 million
50.1 million
Confessed Perpetrators
1.3 million
No Experience – Aware
32 million
55.8 million
No Experience – Unaware
39.1 million
67.6 million

Number of bullied American workers: 36.8 million

Number of American workers who witness the bullying of others: 28.7 million

Research finds that witnesses suffer nearly as much emotional damage as do targets of direct bullying. Therefore, workers who are AFFECTED by bullying is the sum of those with direct and indirect, vicarious, experience with bullying.

Number of American workers affected by bullying: 65.6 million

To visualize how many Americans that 65.6 million represents, consider the total population of the central 15 states in the U.S. That is the equivalent number of people affected.

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Gary Namie, PhD, Research Director
Research Assistants: Daniel Christensen & David Phillips

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