April 1st, 2014

Announcing the U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse

U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing and Abuse

The Workplace Bullying Institute and the New Workplace Institute are happy to announce the launch of a joint initiative, the U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse, which will support and promote the multi-disciplinary work of leading and emerging educators, researchers, practitioners, writers, and advocates who are dedicated to understanding, preventing, stopping, and responding to workplace bullying and related forms of interpersonal mistreatment.

“For over a year, we’ve been contemplating how to bring together an American network of leading and emerging experts on workplace bullying and related topics. The Academy is our conduit for doing so. We look forward to highlighting the good works of these incredible people,” says David Yamada, Suffolk University law professor and New Workplace Institute director.

The Academy has over 50 Fellows including leading psychological researchers, physicians, attorneys, occupational health experts, professors of management, nursing, and communications, counselors, union trainers, military leaders, advocates, and consultants. The complete list of Fellows can be seen at workplacebullyingacademy.com.

“When we started WBI there was one trade unionist and a couple of academic researchers with the courage to focus on workplace bullying. Since then the field exploded exponentially,” says Gary Namie, PhD, Co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute, established in 1997. “We recognize the universality of these destructive behaviors, and this network focuses on the unique challenges posed by American employee relations, mental health, and legal systems.”


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  1. kachina2 says:

    This is exciting! Great minds that don’t necessarily always think alike working together toward a common goal. A very hopeful and dynamic initiative. Congratulations!

  2. Judy says:

    I volunteer at a large hospital nearby. Recently I have been talked about by an employee. I do not work with her. But I am part of the same team. Opinions of me are totally irrelevant. I don’t know this person well. She is ver touchy and seems to want to argue politics. I don’t. It was brought to my attention that she didn’t like me. I said “who cares?”. Now I am being told she is telling lies about me going off on my friend and partner at work. It never happened. We have had a good relationship from the start. Many years ago I was stalked by a psycho and had to get a court order to stop it. Started with verbal abuse, then property damage, then a physical assault. I am on my 70’s and frail. I am afraid she will escalate this. What can I do?

  3. Mary says:

    It would be helpful if abused employees could start a bad workplace website that names and describes offending companies and bosses to warn the public as a public health service. Bigoted conservative religions, their institutions and members are major perpetrators. They use their “religious freedom” as their excuse to bully workers. Also, political right wing companies and members are major abusers. I was office mobbed at a right wing media company in Washington, DC and couldn’t find an affordable lawyer after the EEOC issued me a right to sue letter. I would love to expose the hypocrites in this company.

    • This was our hope when we first started in 1997. However, our legal advisor warned that we would be shut down with the first post. The internet and world have changed a lot in the intervening years. It might be possible today. You could launch such a site. Good luck.

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