May 23rd, 2011

New Book for employers plagued by workplace bullying

The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks, Weasels & Snakes from Killing Your Organization can now be purchased online through the links provided at the book’s website page given below. This is the long-awaited (and our 3rd) book that describes what it takes to energize leaders, managers and champions to tackle bullying. It also describes the Namies’ process used as specialists in the consulting field they started in 1998. THIS IS THE BOOK YOU SLIP UNDER THE EXECUTIVE’S DOOR TO WAKE HIM OR HER UP!

You can read about the new book and order HERE.


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  1. Carol Smith says:

    The place where I am employed found a great solution to resolve the issue of our members being bullied by the office bully and her cronies (upper management)… everyone walked out, well I am still stuck waiting for a new job to come through. The people with the experience shut this place down when they left…the work I do, which helps the community I work in, can not be completed because the people who were experienced enough to check my work walked the hell out! Good for them. The bullying upper management are scrambling, but they do not have the experience to do the work that I do. They have ruined the office and keep trying to make changes that actually jeopardize the integrity of the security of the items in the office. They bulldozed their way into the office based on the office bully’s lies, criminally had us victims invesigated, and degraded our work ethic…it has now bitten them in the butt. The community would be outraged if they were to find out what was done to people who only came to work and gave 100%. Some of those people are now giving that 100% to other agencies. Upper management really needs to read your books and watch your website to help themselves. Thanks for your time.

  2. kachina says:

    I’ve placed my order and pledge my support in furthering the cause! Thanks to the Namies for their tireless efforts and here’s hoping that the timing is right for revolutionizing the workplace (and every dysfunctional and destructive human being along the way). Every effort is a step toward the safe and supportive work environments we all crave.

    To health and happiness for all!

  3. Jay Jacobus says:

    Enablers are villains. If it weren’t for enablers, there would be no bullies.

    But if bullies are immune to culpability, then what can we do to enablers.

    Wait! The enablers decide who is culpable and they are clever.

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