March 14th, 2011

Survey respondents predict more bullying with lost bargaining rights

In a WBI 2011 instant poll just completed, site visitors were asked if rights for public sector unions were lost, would there be more or less workplace bullying in the future. More bullying was overwhemingly predicted.

The question: If public-sector unions lose the right to bargain for working conditions, do you expect to see more bullying and abuse in your workplace in the future?

216 individuals completed the survey. 47% were members of a union; 53% were not.

The responses:

45.8% — I have no union — YES, I predict more bullying

6.9% — I have no union — NO, I do not predict more bullying

35.1% — I am a public-sector union member — YES,  I predict more bullying

1% — I am a public-sector union member — NO,  I do not predict more bullying

9.7% — I am a private-sector union member — YES,  I predict more bullying

1.4% — I am a private-sector union member — NO,  I predict more bullying

Here are the various ways that people predicted that YES there would be more bullying:

Overall:  YES — 90.7% ;   NO — 9.3%

Union members:  YES — 95% ; NO — 5%

Non-union individuals: YES — 86.8%;  NO — 13.2%


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  1. Maury Middlebrooks says:

    Oh yes it will. I’m certain of it.

  2. WORKER says:


  3. TwilightZone says:

    The unions aren’t perfect, but offer some protection against bully bosses and exploitation. It’s the only force preventing the abuser from committing blatant harrassment and terminating the target on the spot. Weak unions equal open season on workers by bullies.

  4. Jay Jacobus says:

    Bullying can’t be anymore prevalent than it is today. The people who think it will get worse are not aware of the efforts being done to reduce toxic workplaces.

  5. ocdgirl2000 says:

    Local government unions must be a “different entity” entirely.. those of us who were “forced” to join, (or else not be able to hold our positions in the government), have dues subtracted from our paychecks unwillingly, at the rate of $510/yr, feeding our “local” an excessive income of company cars, unlimited gasoline, cell phones, catered meetings,a newly furnished condo building with maid services, and a really nice cozy relationship with our Upper Management, that we”sometimes” get to call “the bullies”..if we happen to get stuck with one of them.

    The Union reps and prez have always been on the side of electing the government legislators and officials, to the extent of pushing their names during campaigns, and spending our hard earned dues on those campaigns..whether we are interested in those political views or not.
    Of course, whenever it is time for the union contract to run out, or when there is a budget cut time, the union bangs it’s drum loudly to make it look like it’s doing some work, but really, it’s just attempting to keep it’s contract cemented in stone, with our Management..the government that THEY chose, and elected.

    They “pretend” that they are on our side, but really..they are on the side of themselves, and keeping their pockets stuffed with our income.
    Unions are nothing more than rich corporate parasites, feeding off of our paychecks, not caring one minute about how we are treated.
    I have yet to hear ONE story where a Union rep has protected a workers’ job, where we work.
    Bullying is alive and well, in our Government, and the Bullies THRIVE. None have been fired.

    • Jay Jacobus says:

      I have heard some negative comments about unions and some people say that unions no longer serve the employees well.

      Nevertheless, people should have the right to organize. Companies are organized and sometimes to the detriment of employees.

      If management would be responsible and look out for the health and welfare of their employees, organizing employees would not be an issue. But we all know that management does not care about abused employees.

      Unfortunately, this means that we need to organize to protect ourselves from toxic managers.

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