February 6th, 2013

CAP News Satire: More Workplace Bullying Being Outsourced Overseas

NEW YORK (CAP) – A new survey by Forbes Magazine finds more and more American companies shipping unheralded office tasks such as workplace bullying and sexual harassment to offshore resources in order to cut down on U.S. labor costs.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to have that one guy who makes your job a living hell sitting in an office in Manhatten when everyone he interacts with is working remotely,” said one Fortune 500 CEO. “I can get a guy in India to harass you over the phone for half that cost.”

Many people who took part in the survey said being bullied by a foreign coworker was often worse than being subjected to the same by an American counterpart because of the language barrier and social differences.

“Nothing like saying What? a dozen times when all you’re really doing is encouraging them to be mean over and over,” said one 42-year-old male respondent. “Of course, I understood him loud and clear when he finally said, Are you being of the dumb or something?”

Because offshore locations for American companies usually have their own management chain, much of the bullying goes unchecked because workers have nowhere to turn except more people they can’t understand who work a completely different shift than they do.

“Until our laws catch up with our 21st century workplace, you may have to take matters into your own hands,” said Gary Namie of the Workplace Bullying Institute. “Try asking them if Pakistan is beautiful this time of year, or tell them how stupid you think cricket is.

“Of course, it’ll just piss them off more,” Namie noted. “But maybe you’ll get to learn some Indian swear words.”

The Forbes survey did not cover Chinese labor camps, which editors said take workplace bullying and harassment “to a whole new level.”

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