September 10th, 2013

Defending Barbara Coloroso, genuine bullying expert

This summer the Toronto Star reported on a lawsuit between co-authors of a book on bullying, The Bully Trap, to be published by HarperCollins. The story angle was too cute — bully book authors bully each other! (gasp)

One author, Barbara Coloroso, is long-standing student bullying expert. I know her and have witnessed the quality of her work. She is an ethical professional.

The co-author, Andrew Faas, is a wealthy business man now better known for his philanthropy. But he is not an expert in bullying. In fact, his status as a former executive at Shoppers Drug Mart makes questionable his take on bullying unless he was an anti-bullying advocate from his perch in the corporate world.

Both authors received advances from the publisher and the work began. Then Coloroso discovered that Faas had plagarized other sources for his contributions to the book. She pulled out of the book deal and returned her advance. Faas was insulted, though other reviewers did verify the nearly perfectly copied material Faas had submitted as his own. Faas sued Coloroso for damage to his reputation. Coloroso sued for plagarism.

It’s all ugly, but Coloroso who insists on honesty and has a successful relationship with the publisher, is not the bully Faas claims she is. Read the article and the newspaper’s evidence of Faas’ copying sources. You decide who is telling the truth.


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