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  • If you would like to become involved with legislative efforts in your state please head over to the Healthy Workplace Bill website. From there you can find out what’s happening in your state and become a citizen lobbyist.

  • This website was developed to educate and support you. If, after reviewing the information provided on the website, you feel like you need additional assistance, we offer fee-based telephone coaching by Jessi Eden Brown, MS, NCC, LMHC, by appointment only. Additionally, we recommend that you read the Namies’ books, The Bully at Work to gain a deeper understanding of the workplace bullying phenomenon and to learn personal strategies for addressing the problem and The Bully-Free Workplace to tell your employer what should be done to stop bullying.

  • We receive hundreds of personal stories every month related to workplace bullying. We appreciate the courage it takes to share your story with us. Please submit your tales of bullying to our column, Let’s Talk with Kalola. Regrettably, because of our limited resources, we cannot reply to every story sent. Before e-mailing us, please read the FAQ Page and the services section of our website. These pages were designed to offer support and answer the majority of questions we receive.

  • To contact our offices directly, please call 360.656.6630. Normal business hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time (US).

    Note: When we take time to answer your question and to e-mail you information to lead you closer to a solution for your bullying issues, automatically we register you to receive our free WBI newsletter. You become part of the family.

  • If you are interested in our services, please read our Terms and Conditions before contacting us.

  • We do not promise a reply, but you may contact us by regular mail at:

    The Workplace Bullying Institute

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