February 27th, 2012

Sean Lunsford on the Bobby Demuro Show

WBI’s Sean Lunsford was interviewed Sun. Feb. 26 on the Bobby Demuro Show, WBT Talk Radio 1110 AM in Charlotte, NC. Show topic was school bullying, and featured WBI for a perspective on bullying among adults.

Take a listen:

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  1. kay says:

    I definitely disagree and feel that it will get worse. I have seen the worst within a large company that is often in the media for serious ethics issues.

    I am very happy that there was some discussion on the matter on this show and I understand that there needs to be a calm careful approach to discussing the matter, at the same time, I always love it when I hear Dr. Namie or others vehemently stress the severity without mincing words. I liked that the quest suggested the word insidious.

    I think that when someone who doesn’t know and hasn’t encountered this nightmarish behavior, there is a somewhat hint of nonchalant-ness heard in their inquiry. It is important to give an example perhaps even ask the interviewer a question of what they feel they could or would do if someone was calling them names repetitively and threatening to have them fired repetitively and standing feet away speaking derogatorily about you with no help from management in office to assist you.

    What do you do? get into a fist fight? contact the police? What if you can’t quit and have a family and financial troubles, or just want and love your job?

    What do you do? What if it’s mixed with other conduct by supervision that has sexual undertones and females are bullies and care none of that added toxicity?

    I think it is important to paint a picture and place the other person within it and ask them…What would or could you do; when it is nonsensical and -meant- to -intentionally-harm you and remove you from your good position within work and financial stability.

    What do you do? you cant turn off the feelings of fear and dread and helplessness. Others -know- and standby and cower, while in private warning you. Public they say nothing or position themselves nice and closely right under the bullies. While you are attacked and just torn to shreds near daily. It becomes…forget happiness, i just need to make it through the 8hrs for my pay. Your life is turned upside down and it is traumatic and an unbelievable reality.

    Lastly, they find a completely illegal way to terminate you without regard for the law and retaliation…now you are a nervous wreck, damaged beyond repair and financially facing ruin. Life is now a foreign country to you. IT IS NOT SAFE AT WORK….if you can even find work.

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