April 1st, 2015

Don’t Tread on Educators (DTOE): Bullied teachers naming names

Dispatch from WBI colleague Francesco A. Portelos, New York City teacher

Sometimes workplace bullying affects only the victim. Sometimes it propagates to surrounding colleagues, morale and family members. In all cases though, the work is negatively affected. As you can imagine, when workplace bullying hits schools, the students are hurt as well.

Recently, a group of bullied New York City educators, known as Don’t Tread on Educators (DTOE), got together and created a list of administrators that have been known to bully and harass their employees. The Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI) list has grown in recent months and is now at about 85 administrators throughout New York’s five boroughs. It even has an interactive map to locate these bullies by geographic area. The list has given teachers a platform to share their stories and concerns about workplace harassment. The curtain has been pulled back and the harassment exposed.

Many of these stories are similar and show a pattern of harassment that exist in the NYC Department of Education. The ANOI list gives teachers who are being bullied the power to hit administrators where it hurts. ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Visit the DTOE website.


Hear Francesco’s personal story


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  1. Claudia Wilk says:

    I am a victim of workplace bullying by a school district .

  2. Jim G says:

    I was bullied in a passive-agressive way. Things being written in observation reports that did not happen, or happened but were not recorded.

    The worst was no fair warning of a U rating, not teacher improvement plan, the admin not sending their evidence to the appeal committee, yet still winning….and then the arbitration…..

    The mind games of asking for stuff and not collecting it….yelling, majoring on the minors instead of vice versa.

  3. Jim G says:

    In England, if a student makes a false charge against a teacher, the student can then be prosecuted…that would keep much false statements against teachers. Two students I had in separate classes wanted to get into the same class together; the counselor would not switch them, so they complained to an advisor against me…lies to get into the same class.

  4. Iuliana Trifu says:

    I am such a victim, wrongfully terminated based on personal reasons of an abusive Principal in district 6, June A. BARNETT. I am awaiting the decision to my Discontinuance appeal, but will not stop until I get justice. I know I am knowledgeable, highly educated pedagogue and am needed by the NYC public school students where I need to be right now instead of trying to disprove the many lies that make up the foundation of reasons this Principal fired me . I think the new Superintendent of District 6 , Manuel Ramirez, is fair as opposed to the last Superintendent . I believe in justice and as a highly spiritual person, I am sure truth will always prevail. My message to everyone in my position is: ” do not let this grief committed by an injustice change who you are. Do not let it kill you but fight back!”

    • cesar paris yarleque says:

      Hello, I read your post about Barnett. I was an AP in the 2006-2007 and I got rated U because of her lies and false reports. I got over of what she did to me , but it took me 3 years. I recently read posts of teachers about her and I am in disgust and aggravated by the fact that she continues to abuse and lie about teachers. I am considering to write a petition of investigation to the state, if you do not mind, can you share what she lied about you??? did you feel discriminated??

    • Iuliana Trifu says:

      Well …my situation had been fixed and I ended up resigning from the DOE in good standing ,and moving on to better things ….HOWEVER, what about the rest of the good teachers who could not fix the damage done to them? It is truly sad because the children are losing here more than anyone else, and DOE should be and become finally sensitive to the children’s needs which needs include these good and damaged teachers.

  5. John Cznadel says:

    It amazes me how principals can lie with ease, and that everything they say is considered accurate when, if only the admin would do a cursory investigation, their lies would become obvious.

  6. Janusz Krzesaj says:

    I have been bullied , discriminated, threaten, humiliated, demeaned, physically hurt by admin. of Queens Gateway: Principal Judy Henry, AP Santiago and AP Samaroo. I have been fighting for our students and dignity in our school for past 3 years alone. I did not believed that such a injustice is possible in flagship country of democracy and freedoms. Now I do. The reason for failing schools is incompetent and bias admin and corrupted NYC of DOE. I have put a well being of my family on line for the cause. I will not back up for the good of my students.

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