WBI Workplace Bullying Products

The Drs. Namie and staff at the Workplace Bullying Institute created video products to help Targets of workplace bullying and for employers who want to address, rather than ignore, workplace bullying.

It's 2018 and many devices no longer have built-in CD/DVD drives. So, beginning immediately, we will mail the products below on USB thumb drives. No more discs.

Effective May 21: If you wish to purchase a product, phone in your credit card number to the WBI number -- 360-656-6630 (we're on pacific time. leave a message). We expect this process to be temporary.

Advice for Targets

Help for Bullied Targets from WBI:
Recognition, Response, Recovery

For Therapists, Psychologists

Introduction to Workplace Bullying
for Mental Health Practitioners
$34.95 - 40 min.

For Employers & HR Professionals

Masters' Series for HR Professionals
$49.95 - 180 min.


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