April 8th, 2013

Erie TV News: Workplace Bullying On the Rise

By Ashley Doerzbacher
April 5, 2013

Many people think of kids when they hear the word ‘bullying,’ but it turns out, it can continue way past the school yard, and carry over into the work place.

Morrison Foerster, a law firm in New York, has looked into workplace bullying, and said that it is on the rise. The main reason, they say is power.

The Rutgers University basketball program is one public example to look at. We first reported on this earlier this week. Former coach Mike Rice was fired after videos surfaced of him throwing basketballs at players, and even and pushing them. Now, the university has cleaned house, letting the assistant coach and athletic director also go.

Sharon Parella, of Morrison Foerster, spoke with an Dr. Gary Namie, an expert on workplace bullying, and he says it’s all about gaining power.

“They see what gets other people ahead, they see a path toward reinforcement, themselves to gain status, stature, career enhancement and they take it,” said Dr. Naime, of Workplace Bullying Institute. “[It’s] Not necessarily about money. Status, position, all the goodies in the workplace that they desire go to the highly aggressive person.”

Dr. Namie said that bullying crosses over gender, race and ethnicity, but that men bully more than women do, even though women are targeted more than men.

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