March 13th, 2013

Workplace Bullying on Fox News — Andrea Tantaros Shines

The Five, Fox News Channel, March 5, 2013 hosted by Dana Perino

A panel making insipid such as comments such as “if you are being bullied, you have a JOB!.” However, this is an important TV segment. Four of the five probably represent the American public very well, complaining that bullying can’t be defined, begrudingly knowing that harm can happen, but ultimately defending it as inevitable (or necessary). This is why opposition to stopping bullying at work is strong and widespread. Media fuel the opposition. Watch and learn.

One panelist, Andrea Tantaros, made the most serious comments, showing an understanding that workplace bullying is harmful and that employer actions mean nothing until there is a law (they are discussing the Healthy Workplace Bill). She sits on the far left.

Andrea Tantaros’ comments

I think this is very serious issue. I think this is causing a lot of people stress.

I think particularly what Bob referenced to male-female scenario or even female-male scenario.

But the reason why we need these laws is because you could have a company manual but there is no recourse for action in a company manual.

Companies can say, well, we pledge to have these policies, but there’s no force and effect with them. You actually need the legislation.

So, you can be an employee and break the harassment law but there is no recourse unless you break the state law.

I mean, I’ve heard of cases where females bully other females. It’s completely non-sexual, doesn’t follow under the jurisdiction of sexual harassment. And I honestly think these frivolous lawsuits thing, I think it’s a lot of propaganda coming from the Chamber of Commerce.

The really bad cases, there will be plenty of evidence. They will be prosecuted. The frivolous ones will not. They are not going to get settled because they are frivolous.

[By the way, a lot of lawsuits do go forward are still frivolous. People still get millions.]

No, they actually don’t. They spend years in court. No lawyer is going to work for free to work his butt off to try to get a settlement.

Insurance companies are paying, Greg. That’s the big myth today. They sit on their money. They spend more money to fight this than to settle it because they don’t want the precedent. It’s the biggest hoax what’s happening in our courts today.


Andrea, way to go!


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  1. smartperson92 says:

    Andrea Tantaros is spot on. The other people on the panel have absolutely no idea what they are talking about including the host. I think the word bully really throws people. They want so badly to feel like it couldn’t be them because they are ‘tough’. They feel like they would just ‘speak up’. They don’t realize that before they got a chance to ‘speak up’ to the bully, they would have five false write ups in their file, a demotion and have been isolated from the rest of the staff. lol 

  2. jkraemer1 says:

    The behavior displayed in plain sight means to me that bullies are attempting to distract away from their bullying, may be attempting to deflect the heat they sense is coming their way, or may sense a potential or beginnings of a real loss of power in the workplace, in my opinion. It is now displayed at the public level what happens at the workplace level when HR responds to an employee complaint. Bullying self-interests have entered the scene before this show happened, declaring the term ‘bully’ to be harassment of the personalized assertive. All this leads me to believe that more employees are actually beginning to understand workplace bullying and the possible remedies to stop bullying. That reality perceived by bullies can mean a potential threat to their power, and that bullies are attempting to fight back in the effort to confuse the terms and boundaries that are involved in workplace bullying. In my opinion.

  3. jenny says:

    Workplace bullying is the most common cause of injuries and accidents at workplace and it is necessary that workers should understand their rights and should not tolerate these. In case if a worker is injured at workplace then he should ask for compensation claim if a serious accident or injury is a result of bullying. They can also consult personal injury claim solicitor who can guide them on how to get the compensation.

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