November 2nd, 2009

Freedom Week Thank You

Here at WBI we would like to thank everyone who was involved with Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week 2009.

Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week was a chance to break though the shame and silence surrounding bullying. It was a national call to action. Anyone can participate in the way they seem fit. Here are some examples of ways people celebrated.

“I composed an unemotional, professional letter to our Board of Directors and sent it.”

“I put up a poster in my local career center. “

“I put a poster in the HR office, and published an article in our company’s newsletter.”

“I posted awareness messages on my facebook and myspace accounts about Freedom Week. I also posted it on my anti-bully blog.”

“I wrote a letter to our local chamber of commerce.”

One college professor led a discussion on the topic of workplace bullying.

Many people reported having conversations with loved ones or co-workers. Many others posted posters around their home town.

Thank you to all who participated.
If you are interested in doing more for Freedom From Bullies Week next year please let us know.


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