October 19th, 2009

It’s WBI Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week!

Been bullied? Seen bullying damage friends? Sick of the fool intimidating all the good workers? Tired of the owner or exec refusing to fire the bully buddy? Ill from watching the disintegration of your partner or spouse at the hands of a destructive narcissist allowed to harm others with impunity?

Take a stand. Do something different if only during this week. Eventually, we will gather and march on corporations and state legislatures demanding justice. For now, your victory may be completely personal and internal or within the work team or among loved ones. Just do something differently this week. For your health’s sake if you are the one targeted or for the others you care about.  See our suggestions.



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  1. Jill E. Burke says:

    I sent a link to this story to the HR Rep that had to sit in while I was fired. Initially she tried to help, and I know she has a good heart, but she also has kids to feed and couldn’t risk her own neck to save mine.

  2. Melanie says:

    Yes, I agree… bullies no longer just exist at school or on the playground.. they are also at the workplace…It can sometimes even become a gang of bullies at the workplace, if one doesnt like you for whatever reason, the rest jump on the band wagon fearing the bully themselves and not being able to stand up for what is right. the boss not wanting to deal with upsetting the “gang” usually fires the cheese who stands alone, even though they quite possibly did nothing to deserve it… so yes I agree it is time to stand up for rights in the workplace and where you work as where we educate, should be bully free zones as well.

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