February 4th, 2013

Huff Post: Republicans ‘demogoguery and bullying’

Chris Hayes of MSNBC said it, we didn’t. He was referring to the Senate nomination hearing for Hagel as Secretary of Defense.


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  1. ”The ultimate measure of a man …” – Not everybody is a he. Using sexist semantics in the written and spoken word censors women out of the human race.

    • bullyinginstitute says:

       I agree but how is this connected to this post?

    • ”I agree but how is this connected to this post?” – Indeed, it is not connected to the post. When I was posting that comment, there was a quote beside the blog I was posting on, that started with ”The ultimate measure of a man …”

      • bullyinginstitute says:

        Here is the full quote:  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

        This is one of the most famous quotes associated with the civil rights movement. Although it is fair to observe the male gender-bias, that should not take away from a valid point that King Jr. was trying to make in good faith.  Remember, he lived in a time of open segregation and when gender roles were very different.  But it is thanks in no small part to King Jr. that our society has made strides towards equality among all races, and between both genders.  He laid the groundwork for those changes in how he behaved and lead his life.  Not because everything he may have said was politically correct in our time.

        You should take to heart the second half his quotation. That’s why the WBI exists, and why we include King Jr.’s quote in our sidebar.

      • What you said is what most people say. At least, it is what the ones who are not busy calling me a cunt, a bitch or a feminazi say. 
        They say, the inspiration should not be missed out on, because of the sexist language. – That does not stop the very in your face thing of it being a mans world though, as demonstrated by language, rights, wealth, power… distribution, so the inspiration is more for men, than for the rest of us. 

        And yes, I know I can always choose to have a different attitude, and I do, at times it is important enough to read something, because it is not really a mans world, because I am trying to fit myself into it. I get past the kicked in the gut for being the wrong gender thing, by mentally substituting the sexist words for friendlier ones, and by putting gender word lists in alphabetical order. 

        Much of the time though, the inspiration is lost on me, when something shouts MAN MEN HE, because it makes me think about words like cunt, bitch and feminazi. As well as that, putting up with political incorrectness and downright blatant gender discrimination in the computer industry, did not stop me being mobbed out of my workplaces, making me too unemployable from age 30 to ever get a job again. 

      • So sorry you feel this way.

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