October 31st, 2013

47 million Americans poor and hungry – Congress worsens it on Nov 1

A stranger visiting America would think us crazy upon learning effective Nov. 1, an additional $5 billion will be cut from the food stamps program (SNAP). One would think that the paltry assistance of $1.50 per meal BEFORE the cuts set to take effect was somehow living large, so large that cuts needed to be made. This America is unrecognizable to me. I have lived to see the progression from the launch of the War on Poverty, celebrities lobbying Congress regularly to end needless preventable hunger, the compelling new documentary A Place at the Table showing how hungry kids stand little chance of learning or maximizing their lifelong potential, to learning that the House Republican proposal for the Farm Bill is to cut $39B over ten years from food stamps and the Senate plan is to cut $4B (striking and shameless that no one proposes ADDING to the program at a time when 15% of all Americans are poor with so many unemployed or underemployed working for minimum wage) see the report below on video,

Not related to workplace bullying, you say? Think again.

• The WBI campaign against Workplace Bullying involves social justice.
• Social justice includes leveling the economics for Americans.
• WBI supports bullied targets, 77% of whom lose their livelihoods through no fault of their own and may require assistance from the government to survive.
• Therefore, cuts to assistance programs for the needy certainly must adversely affect targets of workplace bullying.
• WBI advocates for quality of life issues for bullied targets.
• WBI is target-centric.


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