February 12th, 2011

Anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in 20th state

The Healthy Workplace Campaign hit a milestone on Feb. 10 with the announcement that Maryland became the 20th state to introduce a version of the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill since 2003. The campaign began in California and has spread throughout the country. Senate bill 600 (Sen. Raskin) is Maryland’s first of its kind. Earlier in the week, West Virginia introduced HB 3015 (Del. Longstreth), a first for that state, making WV the 19th state in the country. New 2011 versions of the HWB were also introduced in New York, Vermont, Washington, New Jersey and Nevada. Currently there are 9 active bills in 7 states. Right now most of our energy is drawn to the legislative campaign. Help us if you can. Stay tuned. More coming this year.


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  1. Mary Anne Semoni says:

    My relative, was set-up, after his supervisor told him that he was accomodating him with a reasonable ADA verbal agreement. That he could
    rest in the City vehicle at lunch, which was his 30 minute unpaid lunch. This was so that he could
    check his diabetes, take his medication, and allow for the 15 minute rest, recommended by
    his doctor.

    He was then accused of sleeping, and the other guy
    in the truck was promoted. They blindsided my relative, and in a very short notice fact finding hearing that was recorded, and had all high ranking City officials, they accused him of lying, and stealing by resting during his un-paid
    lunch. Also, the same manager that has been bullying and berating him for the past two years. Ever since he would not work for his personnal business during City day hours.
    He has told him off in front of other employees,
    given him the worst crappy dirty jobs, and made sure that all equipment and vehicles were the worst. This all extremely obvious. As a result other employees got in on the group think attitude, and actions, and bullied, and harassed my relative too. It has had the most devistating affects, and effects on my relative. I am currently reading, “The Bully at Work.” WOW!
    How can I help you, and how can you help us?

    I have so much more information.

  2. Mary Anne Semoni says:

    For those who are interested: My relative won his appeal!

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