November 11th, 2013

The (alleged) workplace bully speaks

The Fox Sports network allowed the named Miami Dolphins bully, Richie Incognito, to rehabilitate his image by telling his side of the story while on suspension from the team. It’s a classic example of BullySpeak, a language disembodied from reality and personal responsibility (though he does admit evidence that has been too public to deny). In the video below, catch these highlights:

3:15 mark — “maybe I need to change” (contrition)
4:00 mark — “people want to drag me back in” (to being the troublemaker he is documented to be)
4:22 mark — “if I had known” (I hurt target Jonathan Martin but didn’t know)
5:20 mark — “I’m embarassed by my vulgar text” message (that was shown to the world)
7:35 mark — “it was not an issue of bullying” (because I say it is not)
7:55 mark — “my actions were coming from a ‘place of love'” (really? he said this)
9:11 mark — “knucklehead stuff” (is all I have ever been guilty of for which I was kicked off both college and professional football teams — that’s all, just a guy havin’ fun)
10:15 mark — “I’d hug him (Martin)” “why didn’t you come to me?” (just more lovin’) Here’s the complete quote:

I think, honestly, I think I’d give him a big hug right now because we’ve been through so much and I’d just be like, ‘Dude, what’s going on? Why didn’t you come to me?’ If he were to say, ‘Listen, you took it way too far. You hurt me.’ … You know, I would just apologize and explain to him exactly what I explained to you, and I’d apologize to his family. They took it as malicious. I never meant it that way.

You see, all bullies are misunderstood, mischaracterized and misrepresented.

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  1. jojo says:

    All this talk about stop bullying in d school yards it doesn’t stop it just continues into d workplace!! Like what d fuck? Where does it all end really,no it doesn’t! All these groups set up to stop bullying do nothing, it only gets noticed when someone takes there life at that it’s remember for a few weeks then there forgotten about till some else is in d lime light! As from what I can see the only way of dealing with bullying is to get even! A good beating is how to d with bullying break there 2 legs so they won’t bully anymore! If you don’t put the foot down bullies will follow you your hole life!

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