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More Anti-Bullying Organizations in the U.S.

New Workplace Institute
The New Workplace Institute is a new (in 2007) non-profit research and education center promoting healthy, productive, socially responsible workplaces. We recommend his Minding the Workplace blog.

American Society for Ethics in Education
Jeff La Marca's campaign to expose the hypocrisy in public education. This man has singlehandedly beaten the system like no other!

National Association For Prevention of Teacher Abuse Thousands of teachers in thousands of public school districts across the United States are abused by administrators, school boards and their unions. The NAPTA website documents this mistreatment.

2 Safe Schools, A School Bus Driver Who Dared to Care for Kids' Safety
James Kraemer was inappropriately punished for 'insubordination' by a lowly supervisor in a rural Oregon school district. Read Kraemer's insightful essay about the role good unions could play.

The Readings -- Chris and Eric
Nashville songwriters and performers who wrote Wanda's Song -- a bullying tale. They offer it as a theme for the Workplace Bullying Institute.

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In Canada

Mobbing.ca Helping to make "mobbing" a household word in Canada. Created by a formerly bullied artist. Features great anti-bullying posters available for download. Lots of links.

No Bully For Me (Canada) Based in Vancouver, B.C., No Bully for Me is a voluntary group working to support the targets of workplace bullying, provide information, promote examples of good practice, and act for changes in attitudes to this damaging pandemic.

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In the U.K.

The Workplace Bullying Site--Employment Law
A site written and maintained by a UK law school graduate, Andy Ellis, providing help and advice to targets. Andy is a veteran of Employment Tribunals, specialized courts which adjudicate complaints by employees against employers.

Just Fight On (UK) Network by and for Targets
New in 2004, run by Jo Anne Brown, a former airline employee who runs two London support groups and seeks to empower all targets worldwide by addressing all aspects of recovery and moving on.

Bully OnLine
Tim Field, founder, UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, author of 'Bully In Sight' . A site emphasizing the bully's personality as psychopathic. Tim passed in January, 2006.

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In Other Parts of the World

The Mobbing Encyclopedia
In Memoriam to the "Father of the International Movement" Heinz Leymann, PhD, MD--Sweden. This extensive site reflects Leymann's commitment to studying the health impact of the phenomenon. Unfortunately, this world pioneer, who started the international movement, passed at an early age.

About Bullying, Emotional Abuse, Harassment and Work Trauma (South Africa)
Informational site about bullying and home to the Foundation for the Study of Work Trauma, founded by leading expert Susan Marais-Steinman, co-author of Corporate Hyenas at Work: How to Spot and Outwit them by being 'Hyenawise.'

Beyond Bullying Association (New Zealand)
The NZ organization founded by Andrea Needham. First NZ book on bullying in 2003 by Needham: Workplace Bullying: The Costly Business Secret (Penguin)

Australian: Know Bull! by Design
This Australian anti-bullying website empowers bullied targets and witnesses and text to raise awareness and expose workplace bullying.

Bully Busting, Australia
Evelyn Field, registered psychologist, Victoria, Australia, author of Bully Busting and friend of the Drs. Namie. This website explores both bullying at work and the schoolyard variety.

No Bully Zone (New Zealand)
Mostly for kids, but this site shows that government can get involved in bullying prevention activity. And we endorse the Whole School, community approach to school bullying.

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Fellow Crusaders for Social Justice in the Workplace

Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization that provides information, education, and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights. Our goal is to bring together workers, employers, advocates, and policy makers to achieve fairness in the workplace. We are allied with the National Employment Lawyers Association, the nation's largest association of advocates for employee rights.

Former And Current Employees (FACE) Intel
Ken Hamidi's heroic and brutally frank website depicting horrific working conditions for Intel Corp. employees. The cover for the darling of Silicon Valley is blown off here. Hamidi's defiant gestures have enraged Intel as they tried to bury him with lawsuits. Harvard Law uses his case as an example of threatened free speech in cyberspace. Hamidi won his case twice in California Supreme Court in 2003 and again in 2004!

Consumer Justice Group -- Workers' Rights Division
The Consumer Justice Group is dedicated to raising worker's awareness of their legal rights. The goal is to help provide information, including legal advice, to more workers around the country. CJG -- Workers' Rights: A newsletter discussing overtime law, workers' compensation, workplace injury & more. DO NOT FILE a WC complaint without consulting these legal professionals! CJG offers an abundance of information for consumers on matters from workers' rights to stock fraud.

Harris Federal Law Firm - Federal Disability Retirement Services
This firm helps injured Federal employees with their representation needs and claims to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). If you are a Federal employee, Harris Federal Law Firm can help you understand your rights and discover whether Federal Disability Retirement is the best option for you.

Peace At Work
Johnny Lee's website about workplace violence, featuring an awareness of the linkage between domestic violence and bullying at work.

The Expendables
Why nice, intelligent people finish last in the workplace...and what some of them are doing to fight back.

Verbal ammunition for fighting back

One Flew Over the Post Office
Women's network to stop crimes against women in the U.S. Post Office. Speaking out against workplace rape and hand slap "punishment" for the rapist.

Freelancers Union
Is a national nonprofit membership organization that promotes the interests of people who work independently (approx. 30% of the American workforce). The organization provides a voice for freelancers, indepedent contractors, temps, part-timers, contingent workers, and people working from home. WT is a way for independent workers to get affordable health and insurance benefits.

Robert Fuller's website dedicated to raising awareness of rankism and its costs to society. Rankism is the broadest form of abuse of the weak by the strong. A broader philosophical approach worth exploring.

Privacy Rights
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a San Diego based non-profit consumer group provides tips about protecting ourselves from the non-stop momentum of the Information Age that tramples many rights we've come to expect as fast as computers can network with each other, exchanging massive databases. The PRC also has contributed to Employee University and their book is available through the Bookstore.

Government Accountability Project
A resource for Whistleblowers, GAP supports those who turn in lawbreakers both in government and private sector. Learn about the risks before you blow the whistle, if you can wait. Go to GAP's links to find places for additional support.

National Employment Lawyers Association
Great Employment Law links, including access to court decisions, case descriptions, and Affirmative Action legislative updates in the section open to the public.

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Research or Expose Your Bully

Reference checking firms that call your bully to see what is said about you before, or after, you are gone.

Allison & Taylor, 800-651-2470
Est. 1984 as a firm that only did reference checking on your behalf to gather the story about you the bully is likely to give the next employer. We have received no complaints about delays or poor service. We understand why the firm has expanded to conduct background checks on you, too. It's a much bigger market. We hope they retain the integrity of the checking up on bad bosses.

Documented Reference Check, 800-742-3316
The original reference-checker for employees and therefore mentioned in the book, The Bully At Work. We have received several complaints about delays and poor service. Try both to see which company performs better, if you can afford it.

E-Boss Watch
A website that allows you to name your bully. Not affiliated with the Workplace Bullying Institute.

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