April 2nd, 2013

It’s Your Community Detroit radio with Vanessa Dehna-Garmo

Host WDVD-FM Detroit radio host Vanessa Denha Garmo interviewed Dr. Gary Namie for her show on March 31, 2013. They talked about the history of WBI, the Healthy Workplace Bill, and solutions for individuals and employers.

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Here’s a link to the show’s page.


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  1. Coral Williams says:

    I was a victim of Goverment, Community and Employment vicarious adverse acts of gang stalking, gas lighting reverse discrimination malicious defamation, rumors and lies. I was hired as a security guard for a state agency, and I still cant believe and think its really ironic to have been intimadated, harassed or discriminated againt denied legal represention, unemployment and lost two jobs all my financial resouses that I needed to live, my home and had to move from the community I lived in for twenty five years. I have been intentionally made psychologically, emotonally, physically and financially distresses, depressed and opressed and there is no one I can talk to or ask for help. What my prior employers allowed and encouraged to happen to me should never happen to no one.

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