November 5th, 2013

If bullying can happen to Jonathan Martin at his NFL workplace …

Then bullying could happen to you.

Jonathan Martin, Stanford graduate, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, walked away from a multi=million dollar contract on Monday Oct. 28 complaining about the abusive conduct of veteran teammate Richie Incognito.

Bullying triggers lots of personal shame when it continues as long as Martin’s mistreatment lasted — 1.5 years. No single incident probably sounded outrageous to Martin’s teammates — it was “just locker room banter” — nor to Martin. But the cumulative effect on him was not good, and he reached a breaking point.

The 24 year old Jonathan did what no other NFL player has ever done. It took courage in the face of player taunts and coaches’ statement. He was branded as weak, dealing with “emotional issues.”

The most remarkable aspect of his action was to show all the 54 million Americans who have directly experienced workplace bullying that they, too, should break through the silence and shame and out their bullies.

Bullying is never invited by the recipients of the torment. Though they sometimes appear to “play along,” they loathe the humiliation and degradation.

Bullied targets, you are not alone. And a big guy just made it clear that it can happen in the least likely places to the most physically able people among us. Jonathan is one of you, one of us.

Thank you Jonathan.


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