October 21st, 2010

KCRA-TV in Sacramento interviews Dr. Gary Namie

KCRA-TV in Sacramento does a great job covering the topic of workplace bullying in time for Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week. See their coverage below, which includes an interview with Dr. Gary Namie. The California Healthy Workplace Advocates (CHWA) hosted the public event with the Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie on Oct. 20 in Sacramento.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzZij1q-ldw[/youtube]


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  1. Jay Jacobus says:

    Various initiatives target bullying in the schools and workplaces but the basic mission of any anti-bullying effort should be to create safe environments in society.

    Keeping people safe is not a pimary goal of many companies, but it should be the mission of every public legislator. If it is not, the public legislator should be exposed and pressured to adopt a safe society mission.


  2. C Cowan says:

    I have been bullied on more than a few occasions. I learned to keep notes, carry recorders on my body and all the things I could do to possibly stop my bullies and protect myself.
    Nothing worked not even going to places like EEOC they work for the employers. They (short version) sent my case to TWC (?) they dropped everything and told me that the young lady had the right because “we didn’t like each other”.
    I even filed harassment charges against one young lady and nothing was ever done. The last time I checked it was in homicide (go figure).
    One of my bullies assaulted me and nothing was done. This was just one of the jobs that I was bullied on.
    I went up the ladder before I went to EEOC it didn’t work. The company had a great work place policy, it just wasn’t enforced.
    With all that I’ve gone as a child and as an adult I am more concern with childhood bullies. I believe that they become our adult bullies.
    I haven’t found anything helpful in stopping adult bullies and I know that supervisors and managers join in. Instead of helping they told me (always)”you need to quit” or ” If I were you, I would quit”. No matter how old I get, it just doesn’t change they just added the word old.

    • Jay Jacobus says:

      You need to find a safe place. Where you are now is damaging.

      Quitting may not be the only answer but at least you need to find a safe place where you work now.

      I favor career counselling and rescuing victims but this has not been done yet. If it was, you would be rescued.

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