August 20th, 2010

Kevin Morrissey suicide update

The most detailed account of events at the University of Virginia that led up to Kevin Morrissey’s suicide can be found in the Charlottesville newspaper, The Hook:

Tale of Woe: The death of Kevin Morrissey by Dave McNair, August 18, 2010

Take time to read the several comments, including mine.


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  1. DMARIE WRIT GA says:

    Work place bullying is ALIVE AND WELL, and employers seem to turn their heads. Though Hostile Work Environment Policies are to direct employers what they SHOULD DO; don’t! I have worked over forty years, and today workplace festers hostility against workers on workers. Even with multiple complaints to administration and HR for eighteen months, the perpetrator got a pat on the hand. tainted blood, sand in gas tank, personal documents publicize, personal items thrown out, hollering tantrums, botched shifts, arrested for taking photos showing personal items vandalized, name calling in front of patients….this was all done working as a federal employee at federal facility. VERY SAD THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT PROTECT ITS OWN.

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