February 25th, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Shrewsbury Resident Supports Workplace Anti-Bullying Law

Seen in the Shrewsbury Daily Voice

Dear Editor:

I am encouraging residents to support House Bill 1766-The Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill. The main purpose is to provide legal rights and remedies for employees who are severely bullied in the workplace. It also encourages employers to prevent further damages from workplace bullying.

Currently, six out of 10 employers refuse to acknowledge or do anything to stop bullying in the workplace. I am a survivor: My supervisor bullied me for four weeks in July 2009. I filed a complaint with Human Resources, who looked the other way and sided with the supervisor. I was wrongly terminated and endured financial hardship and mental distress.

Workplace bullying can cause employees to have many psychological disorders and physical problems. I have heard of a few cases where some employees woke up screaming in their sleep due to their supervisors tormenting them at work. It is not right to work in a hostile environment.

Please note that this bill will discourage weak and frivolous claims from being filed.

For more information, visit this website on healthy workplaces. A total of 18 organizations across the Commonwealth support House Bill 1766.

Please call Rep. Matt Beaton (R-Shrewsbury and Westborough) to ask him for his support.

Robbin Miller

Shrewsbury Resident

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