July 17th, 2014

Men are Subjected to Workplace Bullying too

Here is a great video from Sue O’Donnell RN, MN, PhD, University of New Brunswick. The strong illustrations of men being bullied at work is supported by WBI research. According to the 2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey males comprise 40% of bullied targets.

Men Workplace Bullying from Nick Wilson Videography on Vimeo.


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  1. Gail says:

    Upon reporting a nurse manager who was my son’s boss for making discriminatory remarks about Cape Verdean’s including patient’s, she came to me while I was attempting to work in the ICU,and told me she was “GONNA CUT MY SON’S BALLS OFF” she proceeded to go to his unit as he too was caring for patient’s and stated “here is my trouble maker” What followed was an internal company attack, which involved as many participants or “gang members” that were willing for the pleasure alone of subjecting someone to this abuse, and or because they had something to gain by getting rid of the target. The internal psysological warfare is so damaging, ALL TAKING PLACE IN BETWEEN PATIENT CARE’ My son Jason once stated he was amazed that the very place we are supposed to go to and recieve adequate care was so dysfunctional. My son lost his job. The threat his boss made to me that day will always cause me to feel what I feel today. After they, the former COO, and VP of nursing fired my son, they too were eventually “let go” or should we say dismissed on their own approval? The nurse manager who created the toxicity in the first place, remains there, still gossiping, still incorporating dysfunction. I went back after a 6 month FMLA and suffered such targeting, that I ended up in the emergency room with high blood pressure, and a suspected clot. after the last private interogation my new boss subjected me to.I am the Barnstable County Action Team Manager for the Healthy Work Place. Will passing the bill prevent ALL from reacting? Probably not, no law ever does. But what this bill will do, is give to US, those who have suffered, and to those who will suffer, some kind of peace,some kind of security to know when we are going to work to do a job, and, IF someone falls subject to a bully, there WILL BE some kind of accountability.. I think of this Law as those flashing lights behind your car, that remind YOU TO SLOW DOWN, and if you don’t, there will be consequence. My name is Gail Almeida, I am a Respiratory Therapist, I reported my son’s boss for not only innappropiate gossip, but for making discriminatory remarks about Cape Verdean’s, and a mobbing, lateral violence, wolf packing took place in the work place in between patient care. The MNA, JACHO, OSHA UNION’S are all aware of this behavior in hospital’s and healthcare, yet when it happens, the target sufferes more, and the bully maintains their position. If I get terminated for doing the right thing, who is wrong? I will continue to expose what took place, what takes place in between the care of your loved ones.Thank you Neal Dias for your strong ethical desire to see justice prevail..

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