July 8th, 2010

Murder by Proxy doc film premiered July 8

The previously announced documentary Murder by Proxy premiered July 8 in Royal Oak, Michigan at the Main Arts Theatre (Landmark Theatres). The film explores the role that a toxic work environment can play in the build-up to workplace homicides while mainly focusing on the US Postal Service. The star is 39 yr. veteran letter carrier Charlie Withers. Experts include criminologist Alan Fox, social psychologist Gary Namie and psychiatrist Michael Welner.

The film will be screened at the Montreal World Film Festival Aug. 26 to Sept. 6, 2010

Interviews with Director Emil Chiaberi and Charlie Withers at the Royal Oak premiere.
If you were at Royal Oak, write your own review here, please.

Read the local Daily Tribune press coverage.


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  1. Joy Menter says:

    This documentary was insightful as to what nay happen when management is allowed to harass employees for profit and productivity. I have been a letter carrier at the Royal Oak Post Office for 16 years and know first hand how supervisors try to use harassment and intimidation to make their numbers. I certainly don’t condone violence in the workplace, but I do understand how someone may feel there is no other way. The interviews with my fellow carriers and with the psychologist and psychiatrist gave the realization as to how management turned a normal and well adjusted person into a mass killer.

  2. Simon Fisher says:

    I find that most of the bullying I’ve put up with over the years has been a result of doing a good job, not a bad one. Perhaps it’s the field that I’m in.

    • Steve says:

      Good performers are a huge target because they do not want someone doing a better job than them. I’m not sure if it is insecurity or what, but most of my experiences have been with people who do a better job at bullying than they do at actually doing their jobs.

      Then when you complain, you are looked at as the problem…

      Quite sickening actually.

  3. Edward Teech says:

    I think they should be more selective at times in their targets, but I’m glad they did it. I hope it continues. I hope it continues until employers are too afraid to be the monsters they TRULY are.

    You see, if you make a monster, it gets ya..

    Good Riddance Dr. Frankenstein.

  4. Lisa says:

    I was working at the post office in 1991 when this happened. Tom Mcllvane (the killer) was mentally unstable. All of us who worked with him knew this well before he came in and shot everyone. How he got hired in the first place I never could figure out. Yes, management was difficult at the time. However, I don’t care if the punched Tom in the face when they told him he was fired. To go back and kill the people who fired him shows he’s mentally unstable. You can’t justify that. And anyone who trys to is desensitized to murder because they are watching too many murder movies. Tom Mcllvane is in hell where he belongs. That’s justice!

    • admin says:

      Lisa, are you the Lisa in the film? Charlie certainly walks the tightrope well in describing the “story behind the story” without condoning what McIlvane did. You are so right about our violence-thirsty culture and how we take for granted all the minor episodes of violence leading up to an explosive incident. I’m sorry that you have had to live with the Royal-Oak memories.

      Take Care,

      Gary Namie

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