March 22nd, 2012

The Namies discuss workplace bullying on Seattle TV

New Day Northwest show host Margaret Larson discusses workplace bullying on KING-TV, Seattle on March 22, 2012 with Dr. Ruth Namie and Dr. Gary Namie, founders of the Bellingham, WA-based Workplace Bullying Institute.


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  1. Such a clear statement of the problem, the prevalence, the impact, and with specific strategies for prevention and intervention.
    This interview communicates so clearly in a short period of time.

  2. kay says:

    Just to hear Mrs. Namie speak, I know I’d like her. Her spirit is visible. It makes me soooo upset to hear her accounting because I know just what Sheila was like. Sheila most likely knew very well that if she’d stay out of Mrs. Namie’s way the path would be too clear to where she was headed….SUCCESS.

    Therefore she had to at all costs set up a roadblock. Human beings who are articulate, hardworking, ethical and moral and then on top of that have a warm and dignified spirit tend to emit and aura of beauty.

    It is the kryptonite to bullies. They can see it shining and feel an urge to extinguish it just to be able to stand themselves. I am sure of this.

    Dr. Namie is so well versed in the exact ways in which bullies operate, their agenda and who they target.

    Even as I hold my business portfolio that displays an abundant number of certificates, personal accolades for character, perfect attendance and statistical proof of not only meeting but exceeding company goals since the start, I recognize that I am still wounded. To know that everyone warned, spoke around me, and knew the stew of toxicity and corruption within this company, yet I stayed out of it and STILL it got to me and I am terminated for having PTSD and not recovering within 12mths,even as I was cleared to return and asking for accommodation to have safety to return at six months out, I was terminated. It is hard to deal with. I think that it was because I told too much. After saying nothing for years, I told everything. When they pretended nothing was going on, I told.

    We need a law…. period.

  3. Mary RN says:

    I feel affirmed and can attest that what the Drs Namie asserted about avoiding “tit for tat” is the best way to go. When one is in the middle of a destructive campaign against one’s very identity, it is one of the hardest things to do to respond reasonably and clinically. I was new, there were changed going on at the hospital where I was hired and one of the LVNs who was finishing her education to RN wanted the position that I was hired for. She was very strategic is appearing to be friendly and helpful when in public, but in private and behind my back she moved to discredit an heretofore respected career. Fortunately for me this LVN had a history of bullying and had several reports and admonishments under her belt. I had to keep working, but was doing so in a debilitated state. Both the administrator of the hospital as well as my Director of Nurses knew my history for some years prior and realized that what was being spread was untrue. I survived, working, with their encouragement and the LVN was asked to leave. Of course there was fallout from that firing due to the “ground work” that the LVN had done, but I continued to be myself and demonstrate my positive character and ethic and eventually won over nearly all of the staff.

    I so appreciate the work that you are doing. Keep it up !!

  4. TwilightZone says:

    Nicely done, Drs. Ruth and Gary! Sad that “Sheila” still has her job and is probably terrorizing other employees.

    I’m curious to know if a boycott or protest has ever been carried out against a company sheltering a serial bully. Would the company still keep the bully despite being hit hard in the pocketbook?

  5. Kedinghua says:

    So many thanks for Drs Namie for their great jobs to fight against the office bully!

    We need a law!

  6. NoDifference says:

    Competition. Thank goodness for companies encouraging competition in the workplace.

  7. Mindy says:

    King5’s Margaret Larson should stop calling everybody guys.

    Sexism really is a disease which seems incurable. Words like Mankind are now being replaced with words like guysand dudes. One would think that words which exclude women would be dying out,
    rather than being replaced with new ones.

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