June 1st, 2011

New Employer Workplace Bullying Videos

2-DVD Set: A Primer for Managers

with The Bully-Free Workplace

The Bully-Free Workplace by Gary and Ruth Namie

Raising Employee Awareness DVD

with The Bully at Work

The Bully At Work by Gary and Ruth Namie

Videos can be purchased separately or together for a discounted price. A third option is to bundle one or both videos with the Namies' books -- The Bully-Free Workplace (for leaders and managers) and/or The Bully At Work (for individuals) for training participants.


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  1. Jay Jacobus says:

    I identify with Kate in chapter 5 of “Bully free workplace”.

    I have not found a lawyer who will advise me but I have found a number of principles that might be used to improve Kate’s situation:

    racketeering – an organized conspiracy to commit extortion

    master/slave reationship – a relationship in which one individual seeks ultimate authority over another.

    illegal agreements – malice, illegal restraint of employability, absence of goodwill

    sufficiency – the consideration was insufficient to cover the harm.

    Intent to damage – a hidden purpose of the agreement was to hinder one of the participant’s chance for future employment.

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