April 28th, 2010

New YouTube Videos Posted

We’ve uploaded four new videos on YouTube.

Check out Dr. Gary Namie in a variety of media appearances on the Workplace Bullying Institute’s YouTube Channel

Our YouTube videos provide education on the phenomenon of Workplace Bullying, guidance for targets of bullying, and suggestions for employers to create safe, healthy working environments.


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  1. Sean Taylor says:

    Question to ask. What do you do, if you report a problem with a Supervisor to Management, they refuse to do anything about it, unless something else happens. When it does(you have an anxiety attack in a meeting that she is apart of in front of the entire Management Team), they do nothing about it and its all covered up, right up the chain, even the HR Department cover it up. And this supervisor is encouraged to make you have anxiety attacks. Allowed to deliberately hang around your work area, knowing what the effect it will have on you. The Management Team, all then in some way or another all get involved in making it worse, to bring you to a point of a breakdown. Now they are trying to pin a mental illness on me.
    I have now been stepped down from my position until further notice.

    What do I do???

  2. Jay Jacobus says:

    Management theory advocates using employees’ strengths. By emphasizing strengths a company will become an organization of winners. On the other hand, if a company focuses on employees’ weaknesses, they will create a company of depressed drones.

    This is what the bully must want: an organization of drones where he is the royal pain.

  3. Danielle says:

    I am very happy that the word is getting out. I am so thankful for both Ruth and Gary Namie for getting the word out about this. Next step is a legal fund. There are battered woman shelters and assistance to help people as they have fallen to nothing regarding this, how do we help get them out?
    Driving someone to suicide in my opinion is murder. Like the video of Namie and the union talk, where the person said that people will try to mess up all your employment to destroy you. Information is start. But how about legal fund and local support meetings.

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