November 8th, 2013

When the employer says no to workplace bullying

At his Monday Nov 4 regular press conference NFL head coach Pete Carroll states simply why he does not tolerate bullying/hazing on his teams. He speaks of the need to evolve. What once was acceptable is no longer. Carroll’s team was 8-1 when he said this and the Miami Dolphins (4-4) with coach Joe Philbin whose claim to not tolerate bullying was undermined by the disclosure that his coaches instructed the bully Incognito to “toughen up” Martin.

And for you corporate executives, it’s as easy as Pete Carroll says. If you want to stop the internal destruction, you have that power. Why do you believe you need to have henchmen and assassins on staff who you allow to drive out the good workers? It demeans you and your organization. Say no to workplace bullying. We can show you how.

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