May 14th, 2012

New York State Assembly poised to pass workplace bullying bill (Part 1)

At the April 30, 2012 New York State Capitol press conference coordinated by the NY Healthy Workplace Advocates, an affiliate of the national Healthy Workplace Bill Campaign, lawmakers and endorsing unions and organizations were joined by four eloquent bullied targets. NY State Coordinators Tom Witt and Mike Schlicht hosted and concluded the event.

NYHWA had the first versions of our anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill introduced in 2006. More bills were introduced during each 2-year legislative season since. In 2010 the HWB passed the NY Senate.

In 2012, according to prime sponsor Assemblyman Steve Englebright, the chair of the Assembly Labor Committee joined the bill as co-sponsor and agreed to move the bill, making it a priority bill to reach the Governor’s desk. This highlight of the press conference is found at the 4:51 time mark of the NY Lawmakers video portion of the press conference.

WBI has broken the 70 min. press conference into 3 parts for easier viewing.

Part 1 (9:52): NY Lawmakers voice their support for bills A 4258 and S 4289, featuring Assemblymembers Steve Englebright, Aileen Gunther, Dennis Gabrysza, & Mark Johns.

View Part 2: Unions & Orgs

View Part 3: Targets


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