November 15th, 2011

About the NY Healthy Workplace Bills

Nov. 14 coverage of the NY Healthy Workplace Bills on WCBS-TV, New York City, featuring Mike Schlicht, co-director of the New York Healthy Workplace Advocates. Visit the NY State Page of the national HWB website for sponsor details of the two active bills in NY.


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  1. Guitar Girl says:

    Truthfully, research indicates that going to a Human Resources Department is to no avail. You see, H.R. Departments are in place to protect the organization, not the individual worker.

    Human Resources usually just says that it (the bullying) is a situation between you and your Supervisor.

    What is even more insidious is usually the person above the supervisor is fully aware of the situation and does nothing about it.

    • Stacy says:

      I am in this exact situation, which is powerlessness. This is exacerbated by knowledge in HR, which does nothing.

      I am on a family and medical leave from my position. I am a school teacher and my union won’t get involved except to tell me to file with the EEOC. My boss has been very careful to not step over the line into harassment.

      Any suggestions of how to address this? I just want to do my job!!!!!

      • Shame your union into helping you. Even when it’s not in the contract, a good rep can grieve on your behalf. They should help you right up through arbitration. Filing with the EEOC allows you to eventually sue and lose all your money. That is not good enough. You need to be on short-term disability so you get paid (unless FMLA is paid in your state). If your union is an AFT affiliate, contact us at (after the holidays).

  2. Jay Jacobus says:

    Just to emphasize a point previously made: Retaliation by a company can be done for good reason, bad reason or no reaon at all.

    An employee can only retaliate by quitting which may mean more damage to the employee than the company.

    The extreme inequality between the company and the employee is what gives the bully the power to destroy an employee if he so chooses.

  3. Beth Poore says:

    I was a victim of discrimination, that was done by bullying me when I was VERY sick. Even with the laws in place it’s hard to hold them accountable. I want to help to expose this unacceptable behavior. I wish I knew how to help people like me. I am searching for answers…. ~b

    • Beth, the short answer is to be around them. Healed targets can help people just beginning the process. Newly wounded or unhealed targets can actually cause greater damage. Best to find a trauma specialist therapist and ask him or her to start a group. Then, when someone is very needy, the professional can pull that person out and help while the others move forward with strategic actions to better their lives. GN

    • Jay Jacobus says:

      To date bullying is like a long term illness or a disability. You need to learn to live with your circumstances.

      You might get away from a toxic environment, get counseling, find a way to get enough income to pay your bills and make accomplishments that encourage you.

      Whatever has been taken away from you because of the bullying situation is gone. There are no organizations or agencies that will help you get it back.

      Morally, the bully may owe you a fresh start. But practically that won’t happen. He (and the organization behind him) are not obligated at all.

      The law protects the toxic workplace.

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