November 11th, 2011

Bullied targets support ‘Occupy’

WBI recently ran an Instant Poll (n=230) asking if respondents “support the Occupy movement that is expressing outrage over economic inequity?” 74% said Yes. We broke support and disagreement into sub-categories. See the results below.

Response options and their corresponding percentages were:

Yes I support and I agree with the tactics .50

Yes I support but I don’t agree with the tactics .173

Yes and I have participated in the protest .082

Yes: = .757

No, disagree with message and tactics used .213

No – don’t support message – but no problem with the tactics .030

No: .243


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  1. Jay Jacobus says:

    Congressmen bow to their supporters and to large blocks of voters. The occupy movement will encourage some politicians to talk the talk. Whether those congressmen can actually accomplish meaningful changes remains to be seen.

    City officials must be feeling the most pressure from the occupy movement but they seem to be at loss as to how to resolve anything.

    Corporations don’t seem to be reacting to the pressure.

  2. kachina says:

    I’m considering putting a sign in my front window that says “This house is occupied by a workplace health advocate”.

  3. J. says:

    I would suggest that corporations take a good look at Penn State. You might think you can cover up workplace bullying by protecting the institution. But, who is going to held liable when, and it will happen, the bully becomes more aggressive and causes harm?

    I would also like to see more support from employment law lawyers..Stop telling the victim to “Walk Away” We need a Pro Bono lawyers. We need to get serious!

    • Bee says:

      In this time of economic decline; workplace bullying is witnessed more and more and is the strategy utilized by corporations to streamline their budget. The bullys with the corporations blessings and ineffective HR, have a free for all on its targets; seniors with 20-30+ years of excellent employment stats and pension now viewed by the bully as being ineffective and non-productive.

      This pattern is a Domino Effect. Employment Attorneys are attained by Victims; leading to Class Action Discrimination Law suits and EEOC filings, Mediation and hush money paid to victims. This is not the solution.

      The time is now for Pro Bono attorneys to step up. We are not walking away.. We are fighting back!!!!!!!!!

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