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Work Shouldn't Hurt!

WBI Podcast: Destructive pragmatic politicians

WBI Podcast 41 Pragmatic politics used to be considered a virtue, but it really means sacrificing the principles of representing the people to support corporations. With respect to the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill, compromises have gutted the bill, extending the rights of employers instead of employees. This brand of pragmatism is destructive. Podcast 41

WBI Podcast: Condemn or condone workplace bullying

Condemn or Condone: Take A Stand No middle of the road where psychological violence is concerned. Listen to WBI Podcast 40 by Dr. Gary Namie Podcast 40

WBI Podcast 39: American workers under the microscope

Hitachi technology takes worker surveillance to new extremes. Where is the employers’ confidence in, and trust of, employees? It’s called the “Business Microscope.” Here’s a picture of the device and the tracking system: Listen to WBI Podcast 39 by Dr. Gary Namie Podcast 39

WBI Podcast: David Yamada

Another piece of older audio from a radio program featuring Dr. Namie. Law Professor David Yamada joins the podcast with a history lesson to share. The topic is the origins of employment law in the U.S. that governs the workplace. Unfortunately, the relationship between Master and Servant is the starting point. And not much has […]

WBI Podcast 37: De-Stigmatizing Workplace Bullying

Watch for another sign of progress in the campaign against workplace bullying — when former bullied targets can explain their separation from the last employer as not being their fault. In the future, by saying bullying happened, the current stigma associated with that reason for seeking a job will no longer apply. One can hope. […]

WBI Podcast 36: Straight talk about the movement against workplace bullying

Dr. Gary Namie provides clarification about three fundamental themes of the social movement against workplace bullying which are commonly misunderstood or mischaracterized: 1) It’s about bullying, not bullies or their personalities. 2) Employers act irrationally and irresponsibly about bullying, which itself makes no sense. 3) Being “anti-abuse” is not the same as being “anti-corporate” Podcast […]

WBI Podcast 35: Ideal attributes of advocates against workplace bullying

What type of individuals make the best advocates for an abuse-free organization where workplace bullying cannot flourish? Not bureaucrats, certainly not bullies, and darn few HR types. Over time, people prove themselves, with actions not words, the most likely allies to the cause. So, when your organization says it wants to tackle workplace bullying and […]

Remembering “Labor” in Labor Day

Throughout the years we at the WBI have covered Labor Day from the workers’ rights perspective. The holiday is not just for shopping or camping. It’s about honoring people who work. More specifically, as the historical accounts below make clear, it is about emancipating workers from horrific working conditions and doing so collectively, in an […]

WBI Podcast 34: Felix Nater

Here is a nice piece of older audio from a radio program featuring Dr. Namie. His guest is Felix Nater, a former Postal Inspector, whose experiences led him to investigate workplace homicides and to prosecute offenders. Prevention was often lacking. Now consultant Nater makes violence prevention a key part of the business process for clients. […]

WBI Podcast 33: Workplace Bullying is more than incivility and disrespect

More Than Incivility and Disrespect Workplace bullying is a form of violence more severe and harmful than either incivility or disrespect. WBI Podcast 33

WBI Podcast 32: Outrageous by any other name

Outrageous By Any Other Name Bullied targets are not believed. Sometimes the disbelief is rooted in the outrageousness of perpetrators and the innovative cruelty they inflict on targets. It’s hard to believe people can be so vicious. There are three principal groups who deny bullying as it actually happens. Each group of disbelievers is discussed […]

WBI Podcast 31: Politics & Workplace Bullying

Politics & Workplace Bullying: Inseparable Phenomena The role of laws governing workplace rights inserts partisan politics into the debate about workers’ rights, and by extension, the future of workplace bullying. WBI Podcast 31

WBI Podcast 30: Optimism to stop mass murders & workplace bullying

Could America be poised to address mass murders after the Sandy Hook school massacre? Optimism abounds that a “tipping point” has been reached. If so, the same may be true for workplace bullying. WBI Podcast 30

WBI Podcast 29: So Little To Be Grateful For

It’s the mythical magical national time for giving thanks. Considering the modern American workplace, there is little to be grateful for. Let me count (the 6) factors that interfere with a sense of gratitude by workers. WBI Podcast 29

The Freedom Podcast

Freedom, a much maligned word, tossed around glibly these days, means something very clear to us at WBI when talking about Freedom From Workplace Bullies Week, and all year long for bullied targets and their families. In this podcast, we first explore some negatives we deserve to be Free From, then we turn to a […]

Putting Laborers Back Into Labor Day

Roundup of Labor Day blog posts and media.

WBI Podcast 27: It need not be the way it is

The Problem with “It is what it is” The popular, simplistic term suggests an acceptance of current situations as inevitable and unchangeable. It is a form of resignation. If we accept bullying as “the way it is,” we give away too much personal integrity. Instead, try “Question Authority” as the alternative. Download Podcast 27 (in […]

WBI Podcast 26: Stop Attacking Teachers!!

Stop Bullying Teachers Teachers, as public sector workers with pensions, are under attack in the U.S. The attacks need to stop for two reasons: (1) student bullying can never stop until the adult bullying stops, and (2) the best teachers inspired me to become a professor, they are among the most memorable people in our […]

WBI Podcast 25: Comeback Lines

Comeback Lines, Fuggedaboutem Too often people who have never been bullied at work suggest that clever, pithy comeback lines are effective defenses against bullies. But targets are targets — if they could have, they would have used them. Then, targets unnecessarily feel guilty if they don’t use. The simplest of all lines is offered here. […]

WBI Podcast 24: Good People in Organizations Can Prevail

Optimism That Work Can Change Lessons learned from a disaster that dramatically changed a baboon troop’s social culture from cutthroat to kinder comes from the work of Robert Sapolsky (author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers). From this there is reason for optimism that our social system of work can be re-engineeered to be kinder […]

WBI Podcast 23: A Dismal Year-End List

My Year-End List We have lost our minds, but we may also be losing our hearts. Lamenting the ease with which we tear into others. Borrowing a verse from the song “My Grown-Up Christmas List” to fit the theme. Download Podcast 23 (in .mp3 format)

WBI Podcast 22: Children aren’t the only ones abused — bullying in the workplace

Adults are Abused, Too Child abuse deserves attention, but society has to acknowledge that adults also can be abused through no fault of their own in situations of powerlessness. Is equivalence possible? Download Podcast 22 (in .mp3 format) To Dad, on what would have been his 92nd birthday.

WBI Podcast 21: Explaining the reluctance to help those less fortunate

Podcast 21: Our Reluctance to Help the Less Fortunate Than Ourselves Two authors of an academic paper wrote an article for non-scientists in Scientific American called the Last Place Aversion Paradox: The surprising psychology of the Occupy Wall Street protests. The authors note that since the recession began in 2008, public support for economic redistribution […]

WBI Podcast 20: Dignity, Deservedness & ‘Lucky’ jobs

Podcast 20: Dignity, Deservedness & ‘Lucky’ Jobs Dignity at work is a human right, not a privilege that has to be earned. In these tough economic times, it is important to not let others tell you that it is an unnecessary luxury. Download Podcast 20 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 19: Typical Workplace Bullying Scenario

Podcast 19: Typical Workplace Bullying Scenario As bullied targets know all too well, they are not believed when they eventually tell their story. How can this happen? How can others be so incredulous? In this podcast, I describe the lengthy process that leads to the destruction of a thoroughly competent veteran worker. Share this audio […]

Podcast 18: Redefining Global Competitiveness

Dr. Namie suggests ways to redefine the concept of global competitiveness

Podcast 17: Top-Down/Shut-Up Workplaces Breed Disaster

Top-down shut-up workplaces breed disaster

Podcast 16: Unobligated Employers

Podcast 16: Unobligated Employers If nothing else, BP and Goldman Sachs demonstrate clearly that U.S. employers have NO OBLIGATION to society or the world’s economic stability, so why should they care about little ole you? A Gary Namie podcast. Download Podcast 16 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 15: Wondering why we turn on victims so easily.

WBI Podcast

Podcast 14: Happy Holidays a message of Peace

A holiday message of peace

Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue …

WBI Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue ...

Podcast 12: A Better Response to Mini-Holocausts

WBI Podcast 12: A Better Response to Mini-Holocausts

Podcast 11: The Plight of Bullied Teachers

Bullied Teachers

Podcast 10: Calling Out Bullies

Podcast 10

Podcast 9: Labor Day Message for Working Folks

Podcast 9: Labor Day Message for Working Folks Restoring dignity for the underclasses with help from Franklin Roosevelt, Mark Twain (Hal Holbrook), Andrew Cuomo, Harry Chapin. Read the report cited in the podcast: No Rhyme or Reason: The ‘Heads I Win, Tails You Lose’ Bank Bonus Culture by Andrew Cuomo, NY State Attorney General Download […]

Podcast 8: Unions & Bullying

unions and bullying

Podcast 7: Recasting Reform As Bullying

Podcast: Reform through a bullying lens

Podcast 6: The Bully’s Personality

Podcast 6: The Bully’s Personality Tutorial: Fun with explanations for bullying that don’t lead to solutions, but provide personal satisfaction gloating that it is they who are defective! This is a long one – 11 min. Download Podcast 6 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 5: Beware of Bad Advice

Podcast 5: Beware of Bad Advice Bullying Tutorials Advice from traditional, HR-promoting, sources such as media types and motivational speakers who make bullied targets responsible for their fate can be harmful. Here are some warning signs. Download Podcast 5 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 4: Freedom – Some Have It, Most Do Not

Podcast 4: Freedom – Some Have It, Most Do Not Bullying Tutorials A double standard regarding Freedom — Freedom To … exploit, harm, abuse (for employers, the wealthy, the financial sector) and the less frequently realized Freedom From … bullying, exploitation, harm (for the working poor, the displaced layoff victims, the rest of us) Download […]

Podcast 3: Insanity: Abuse for the Innocent & Smart

Podcast 3: Insanity: Abuse for the Innocent & Smart Bullying Tutorials To bullied targets: you are not only innocent of not causing the harm the bully elected to inflict, you are among the best and brightest. Adult targets are the smartest and best workers. Your reward — abuse! Download Podcast 3 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 2: Indignity of Not Being Believed

Podcast 2: Indignity of Not Being Believed Tutorials for Targets. Dr. Namie warns of the harm inherent in Not Being Believed as a bullied person. How can they trust the liars? Listen and then tell about your experience in a comment. Download Podcast 2 (in .mp3 format)

Podcast 1: Stress & the Economic Crisis

Podcast 1: Stress & the Economic Crisis The Dark Side of the World of Work First official WBI podcast A welcome and warning about the stress-related pressures the economic crisis brings. You can either.. Download Podcast 1 (in .mp3 format)

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