May 28th, 2010

Forbes: NY anti-bullying law a big bad idea

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New York Anti-Bullying Law A Big Bad Idea by Victoria Pynchon

WBI counters the distortions

In the Pynchon (Forbes) article: She is right that IIED (emotional distress) claims should work for bullied targets, but the reality is that courts consider no level of misconduct by anyone at work in the U.S. as “outrageous” as required by the current law. Suffolk Law Professor David Yamada covered the inadequacies and the shortcomings of US courts in his seminal Georgetown Law Journal article in 2000. Anyone can download his writings by visiting this site. Her second point is that employers can and should handle this. We agree. Truth is, they don’t. Pynchon, the mediator, believes employers naturally do the right and rational thing. She’s not heard of ingratiation, though she does fashion herself as an amateur social psychologist. Serving corporate masters can blind a person to reality. Finally, she doesn’t really comprehend severe bullying. It is violence and violence is not subject to mediation!


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