April 18th, 2012

School district pays $4.2 million to student paralyzed by known school bully

When Sawyer Rosenstein was a 12 year old student at Eric Smith Middle School in the Ramsey (New Jersey) School District he was bullied. He wrote his guidance counselor to alert her to the ongoing problem. But the unnamed bully, known to school officials as a bully, punched Sawyer in the gut on May 16, 2006. The punch — which was physical battery, not bullying that is always defined as non-physical — caused an arterial clot in his spine and left him paralyzed ever since.

Read the April 18 Associated Press story.

The Ramsey Board of Education said the insurance carrier wanted to settle, not the district. In fact, the District claims that its anti-bullying initiative is world class. I guess the one exception was an isolated event.


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