December 18th, 2009

Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue …

Podcast 13:

So You Wanna Sue…

New audio tale from a successful plaintiff with painful lessons to share

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  1. Jay Jacobus says:

    There is an order of actions that can be done to resolve individual cases of bullying.

    The first step is rescue. The victim of bullying needs to find a safe situation where they can be free of bullying.

    The second step is healing. The victim of bullying may be psychologically damaged by the bullying situation. It is very hard to move on when a person feels depressed. Depression is not having the blues but is a serious condition that incapacitates a person. Depression is sometimes linked to upbringing and genetics but victims of bullying are quite often struck with this devastating malady. The victim may need therapy, medication and support.

    The third step is rehabilitation. The victim needs to recover from the effects of bullying and move on with their life. Rescue and healing can solve the initial effects of bullying but can still leave the victim without a job or even a support group (who may have abandoned the depressed victim.)

    The fourth step is justice. The victim wants to know that their situation is acknowledged by society as an unacceptable situation. Justice should restore acceptance, safety, respect and opportunity to the victim while preventing future acts of abuse by bullies. Justice may be the end point for many recovering victims.

    A lawsuit would be a form of justice but is not the only means to give the vicitm resolution. Criminal action, public condemnation, demotion, shunning and censorship are 5 other actions which could be taken against a bully to give the vicitm a sense of resolution.

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    Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue … | Workplace Bullying Institute

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    Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue … | Workplace Bullying Institute

  5. Anita says:

    I was bullied by my boss, and when I reported his insidious acts to Human Resources, he retaliated and placed me on a performance improvement plan and escalated his bullying towards me. When I complained to Human resources about the irregularity of the plan, and the fact that the bullying acts had only accelerated, I was advised to comply or lose my job. My plan was to last for three months, during which time my boss isolated me, excluded me from team meetings, stripped me of critical roles and took every opportunity he could get to humiliate me and call me names. At some point it was so depressing to go to work. Going to work was just to face more and more humiliation and isolation, and I developed body pains especially lower back and shoulder. The pains would never subside even when I was on the strongest of pain killers. One day I felt I could not bear the thought of going to work. I called in sick and even sought medical attention. Xrays were carried out but the doctors could not find anything wrong and only prescribed pain killers. I decided to take time to clear my mind and assess whether I should quit my job. Surprisingly when I returned to work, my boss demanded that I produce my medical records for the day I was sick. Even though I knew that this was a violation of my privacy I handed him copies. Absurdly he accused me of falsifying the medical records and had disciplinary charges preferred against me. During the hearing he stated that he had gained access to my call records which to him proved that there was no way I could have been sick or sought medical help because according to him I was “roaming the town” based on my call records. Inwardly I was reeling from the fact that he had illegally obtained my call records, invaded my privacy, and had the audacity to discredit my defence and explanation. He demanded that the panel find me guilty. I got a warning letter and from that day he demanded that I no longer attend any divisional meeting. exactly one month later he asked Human resources to have me dismissed for failing to pass the improvement plan. I was dismissed and advised that I could exercise my right to appeal. I appealed against the dismissal. The appeal was never heard, and my dismissal was confirmed a month later.

    On the whole the battle against a work place bully is an ugly one. They are usually in privileged positions of power which they abuse. A law suit against the company is the only option I have now. I am actively pursing that right now.

    • Jane Doe says:

      Anita, good for you! I know it may feel like you are fighting Goliath right now but don’t give up! This kind of behavior is unacceptable and no one should have to endure this. I’m going through a similar situation but I intend to fight with every ounce of me to ensure that justice is served so kudos to you for taking the initiative! God bless and the best of luck to you!

  6. Arthur Falcone

    Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue … | Workplace Bullying Institute

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    Podcast 13: So You Wanna Sue … | Workplace Bullying Institute

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