WBI Workplace Bullying Retreat - A Day for Restoral, Dignity and Hope

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I strongly recommend Targets read The Bully at Work and carefully follow the steps outlined in Chapter 17. If possible, attend the Target Retreat. The information presented in the workshop was detailed and comprehensive, as well as personal. Armed with knowledge, I can fight back, not strictly from an emotional standpoint but from a position of strength. I will return to work with my head held high.


To us at WBI, it is clear from talking to over 10,000 individuals who have been bullied at work that questions linger for them and their loved ones about the horrific experience. Without answers, moving on with their lives feels difficult, if not impossible. Some of those questions are:

  • Why was I the one targeted?
  • Did I provoke this in my bully?
  • Why was I not believed?
  • Is it my fault that I could not stop her/him?
  • Why did coworkers abandon me?
  • Why is the bully still working (and promoted)?
  • Will the pain and shame ever end?
  • Can I resume a “normal” life?

You deserve answers and WBI’s new personal education Retreat delivers the answers for adult targets of bullying at work and those who support them.

This 1-day workshop, held in Bellingham, WA, answers the above questions and many more about the complex and perplexing problem of workplace bullying. The session is led by Drs. Ruth and Gary Namie, founders of the Workplace Bullying Institute and the most recognized American leaders of the anti-workplace bullying movement.

Attendees will learn to better recognize workplace bullying in its earliest stages, its impact on individuals’ health, and solutions when employers do nothing to stop it.

Ideal attendees are:

  • Former or current targets
  • Spouses, Partners, Siblings, Parents, Adult Children
  • Witnesses and Coworkers
  • Friends
  • Anyone who wants to simply learn more about this destructive phenomenon

Ruth and Gary started the U.S. movement by helping targets because of Ruth’s experience working in a psychiatry clinic, bullied by a women supervisor. Everything WBI does is target-centric. We help people by phone, email, telephone coaching, books, videos, and this educational website.

This in-person Retreat is the latest service to accomplish our mission of helping bullied targets.

It will be validating, encouraging, emotionally positive, healing, and supportive – creating “a safe harbor” – facilitated by the Namies. When your support person attends with you, he or she will learn better to appreciate what you have gone through and how best to help you move on to the next stage. The day ends with a take-home plan for an abuse-free working life.

Included materials: a signed and inscribed copy of The Bully at Work by Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie, and the DVD Help for Bullied Targets by WBI and your favorite buttons or magnets.

Tuition is $250 per person (only $100 to bring your support person). The fee must be paid on or before the deadline to guarantee a seat. Please contact us by phone (360-656-6630) or use the form below to indicate your interest.

Discount available.

The Retreat is held at the Lakeway Inn, Bellingham, Washington. Travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of participants.

Our scenic city is located 100 miles north of Seattle/50 miles south of Vancouver, BC. The airport (BLI) is served by Horizon/Alaska/Delta, Allegiant and Frontier. Or fly into Seattle (SEA) or Vancouver (YVR), then shuttle bus to Bellingham.

Please arrive the day prior to the Retreat. We begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM.


Bring the Retreat to your work team. Bullying affects not only the targets singled out for the harshest cruelty, but also witnessing coworkers. Over time, the entire work group suffers. The WBI Workplace Bullying Retreat is an ideal event to be shared with that entire team. We can travel to you to help everyone understand what they experienced and what it will take to get everyone healed. The group can split the fee and travel costs to make it affordable.

Group Retreat Fee: $1,500 ($150 pp if a group of 10 participates + travel). The get-together can be held at someone’s house to minimize costs. Call 360-656-6630 to discuss the opportunity.

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