November 16th, 2012

Unaware psychologist poses danger to targets of workplace bullying

WAFF-TV, HUNTSVILLE, AL, Nov. 15, 2012

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

The report included utterings of Huntsville psychologist, Roger Rinn who said “My concern would be that calling people bullies requires somebody to be a victims” Rinn said bullies are actually the ones with the real problems. Rinn said people allow themselves to become victims. Like Susan, they don’t stand up and say, “stop.” “Some people just need to toughen up and talk back.” He went on to comment about the illegality of bullying which is simply not the truth. Simply ignorant in that he discounted bullied targets.

Here’s what some patients of Dr. Rinn wrote about his skill level.

“Unethical in his practice. Presently working with a team to file complaint with the American Psychological Association for his unethical behavior and causing harm to a client and child.”

“Doesn’t care to much about whats going on or everything that leads to the situation. Very short doesn’t really get the facts straight had to go to someone else to get the facts. Side with women everytime in court cases. He doesn’t really care about the children very one sided individual. Would take my kids there ever again. Not family friendly waiting room is small like a jail cell. Not child friendly at all. During our court case he might a have talk to my children 30 minute in a year long court case. I believe that he doesn’t care what is right just that the children belong with the mother only. Men don’t waste your time or money with this Doctor. You could be a great father and he will still side with mother in a court case. He will say he is on your side but he not.”


Shoddy reporting in TV segment, too, that cites “One study reveals 35 percent of all working Americans claim they’ve been a victim of bullying. That’s an estimated 53.5 million people.” Well, that is the WBI 2010 National Survey. Lazy reporter.


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  1. kachina2 says:

    Susan says “don’t let it take away your livelihood, and …you know…your life.”

    Targets/victims don’t “let” the devastating effects happen. Most of us have found that our efforts to address bullying in the workplace yield no positive results and our livelihoods and lives are at the whim of bullies and their supporters. We do not have the resources and support required to end this scourge on our lives, livelihoods, families, and communities. We do not have the power to end it. And those who do aren’t getting it right yet.

    I hope that Susan can eventually understand that she did nothing wrong, she did not fail to do something right. She simply had the misfortune of being in a work environment where this immoral conduct is not addressed- and suffers as a result. Life is not always fair. Or reasonable. 

    Credentials do not make a “professional” a valid authority. Injustices abound. And sometimes, for a while (sometimes a very long while), big parts of our lives are really not OK. We must believe in ourselves and cultivate trusted and valuable resources. 

  2. TwylightZone says:

    The psychologist, while well-meaning, is not in touch with the realities of today’s workplace.  Often times fighting back or complaining to a superior makes the problem worse.  The target is made out to be the trouble maker for complaining.  Employers hold all the cards in this economy and won’t hesitate to shed those who aren’t fitting in with the cut-throat corporate culture.

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