August 25th, 2010

Freedom Week Saskatoon Conf: Powerless to Powerful

Celebrate with us!


The Saskatoon chapter of Business & Professional Women hosts the

Powerless to Powerful Conference

Empowering ourselves against workplace bullying

Saturday-Sunday October 23-24

Travelodge, 106 Circle Drive, Saskatoon


Hon. D. Morgan, Q.C.

Invited Guests:

Don Morgan, MLA, Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety

Peter J. Barnacle, Woloshyn & Co. Barristers, Labour & Employment specialist

Dr. Ruth Namie & Dr. Gary Namie, Workplace Bullying Institute, presentations on Sat. Oct. 23

Ruth: (1) Impact of Bullying on Individuals, Family & Community; (2) Targets & Self-Defeating Strategies

Gary: (1) Identifying Bullying; (2) Converting Witnesses to Interveners; (3) Causes of Bullying in Societal & Organizational Traditions

Shelle Rose Chavert & others

Online registration available here.


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  1. KLS says:

    Dear Drs Ruth and Gary Namie.

    I understand you will be in Saskatoon soon.

    My story is very long and complicated, it unfolds over several years and in a unionized environment and has led to my experiencing panic and anxiety,depression and PTSD. Their is a Doctor here who is doing a project with PTSD and I would love to see if a connection could be made to help those who like me, cannot get past the devastation. I refuse to go away silently and I continue to pursue the Union and Employer through Human rights and labour relatios, it is an exhausting, overwhelming fight the PTSD cripples me and paralyses me but the injustice is too overwhelming for me to not put a voice to it. I want to be involved in bringing this harm to light and effect a change, however small. I will leave my name and contact information with the registry if you wish to contact me.

    “Rise and rise again, until the lamb becomes a lion”

  2. Jeremy says:

    Dear Powerless to Powerful,

    While I read an article in today’s Vancouver Sun about your group, I was dismayed by a mischaracterization of the issue in the following quote: “For Monica Kreuger, a BPW member and event organizer, the issue of bullying in the workplace is not just a women’s issue – it’s a matter of personal health and safety.”

    I work in an industry that is becoming dominated by women in its power structure. I’ve seen women abuse power with women and men frequently. To be fair, in my work experience, I have found that men abuse power about as frequently. To hint in the quote–I accept it may have been edited in the article–women are somehow more bullied than men, makes it sound like men are the bullies. I’ve been in the workforce for 27 years in a variety of industries as well as education for 15. While the latter part of the quotation mitigates the former, my experience has not proven to me that male coworkers are any worse as bullies than are women.

    I’ve met many female bullies in the workplace and they are no less nefarious than men. Control and micromanagement can be forms of abuse–I’ve seen male and female bosses be equally guilty.

    I appreciate that the information in your website is not skewed towards any gender. Moreover, the quote from Ms. Kreuger may have been edited or she may not directly represent your organization.


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