May 2nd, 2011

Bin Laden Dead, Can I keep my shoes on?

For several reasons, none fact-based or oriented around the world’s wisdom about terrorism or terrorists, the U.S. government has engaged in security theatrics at airports. We take off our shoes and are strip-searched electronically and if we dare talk back to the agents, we’re literally strip searched. Since the “war on terrorism” has been the rationalization for the real wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and for the scan-is-security mantra, and for Bin Laden being the symbol for all anti-U.S. terrorism (though Chris Hedges, a reporter who knows Al-Quaida well, confirms that Bin Laden was not the operational leader), the “war,” according to rational thought, should be over.

You want austerity? You want to save money? Then, de-fund immediately the equipment and contracts that provide politicians with the cover that they appear to be providing “security.” And let us keep our shoes on. Just as bullying is about much more than the individual bullies, killing Bin Laden means little except that videos of the celebration of his murder will certainly enrage much of the Muslim world (again). We could use fewer symbols and slogans. We deserve facts and real long-term solutions. Waging war and “war” accomplish little. Here’s wishing that our approach to “security” be rendered as transparent as our clothes through which the machines see images of our naked bodies.


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  1. Kaye Victor says:

    Thank you, thank you – that could not have been better stated. My own feeling is that the terrorists “won” when the first 6-year old child and 80-year old grandmother were pulled out of the airport security line and patted down. How insane is that!

    May you all be at peace today and always!

  2. Jennifer Wilson says:

    good post!! sometimes i think people who have been bullied by employers, by the government, by the state or by whoever or whatever, are affected to such an extent that we are highly aware of government abuses as well as the trampling on our… most basic freedoms and constitutional rights. we of all people know especially how important it is to protect our rights inside as well as outside of the workplace, no matter what.

    It seems we are more aware of these things than the average joe out there, and are disgusted at the tactics used by the government so as to control, abuse and humiliate us. molestation and perverts selling child photos on facebook? when and where will this end?

    I say end the “enronization” and the police state and yes, give me back my shoes and get ur filthy hands off of me, TSA. all they are in my opinion are a bunch of bullies.

  3. TwilightZone says:

    It’s refreshing to hear there are others who question the security measures put in place to “fight terrorism”. The terrorists do not have the kind of power to justify the way our lives have been disrupted by government overzealousness. I’ve wondered if the real powers that be have used this as a clever excuse to monitor and exercise more control over average citizens.

  4. kachina says:

    I remember when they statred confiscating shampoo and nail files…my thought was immediatedly that the next logical step for people who thought that the security measures taken was supportable would be to insist that passengers fly naked and in shackles.

    Terrorism cannot be eliminated because it will remain one of the capacities of humanity, which will become manifest given the conditions that support it. We are full of latent possibilities- both positive and negative. Here as with bullying, education and accountability in a respectful environment will minimize the damage and threat posed by the worst capacities of human nature.

  5. Jay Jacobus says:

    Now, some official expect retaliation for Osama bin Laden’s death. Some guess that malls, churches and train stations will be the targets.

    Yet some other officials say that Osama bin Laden’s death will not stop terrorism.

    So, what’s the upside?

  6. LB says:

    Terrorists have succeeded by creating a reactive response.

    Security’s focus is myopic, instead of questioning why terrorism exists, it reacts to the effects, bullies use the exact same tactics.

  7. Jay Jacobus says:

    The government’s reaction to terror shows that they can go to great and unusual lengths when they have the will.

    If only we could give them 25% of that will to stop the bullying, we would see immediate and impressive action.

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