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L & S: Bullying has to stop

Monday, April 7th, 2014

By Jane Mundy, Lawyers and Settlements, April 7, 2014

Craig, a commercial truck driver, isn’t about to take bullying lying down. He believes this type of harassment should be a violation of the California labor law. Unfortunately, this type of harassment is not contrary to the California labor code, but wrongful termination is.

If not for Craig being pro-active, he wouldn’t be able to collect unemployment insurance. His boss, the owner of the trucking company, accused Craig of misconduct and fired him. Initially Unemployment Insurance denied his claim but he went before an impartial unemployment Administration Law judge who sided with him.

“That was one notch in my favor and I was able to collect backpay, but I still haven’t been paid for the week I worked, and even more important, this guy shouldn’t get away with his bullying,” says Craig. “I only worked one week for him and it was probably the worst week of my life.



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37% of adults are bullied at work, not 70% — setting the record straight

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Fact checking is an antiquated function in the modern newsroom. Despite a ubiquitous tether to vast troves of information on the internet, media outlets seem to have trouble using it to confirm claims, however aberrant they sound. The national prevalence of workplace bullying is one such distorted statistic.

This summer USA Today columnist, Anita Bruzzese, reported a false claim that a new survey found “up to 70 percent of working adults say they’ve been bullied at some point in their working lives,” citing Civility Partners LLC as the source. The same 70% prevalence rate was repeated by a Fort Worth, Texas TV station on Sept. 26. Repeating a mistake does not make it right.

Here are the facts behind the exaggerated prevalence rate.


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New US workplace bullying prevalence study

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 made a major contribution to public awareness of workplace bullying with the April 20, 2011 release of results from its large-scale survey on the prevalence of bullying at work. Harris Interactive conducted the online survey of private-sector employed Americans.

WBI thanks CareerBuilder for conducting the survey. Our results and CB’s converge a great deal. Overall, the CB survey found a bullying prevalence of 27% (34% women, 22% men). WBI found 35% in 2010. Though the definition of bullying used in the CB survey is not yet available, bullying is inarguably a troublesome epidemic that plagues the American workplace!



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