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The Hook: Final days – Emails show VQR’s ‘awkward workplace scenario’

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

This is a Kevin Morrissey suicide story update. The Hook’s investigative reporter, David McNair, uncovered the e-mail exchanges between Kevin and University HR rep. Angelee Godbold who was somewhat sympathetic to Morrisseey who had been banned from his office for no ojective reason by his editor boss, Ted Genoways. Godbold characterized Morrissey’s situation as an “awkward workplace scenario,” but advised him to follow orders lest he be called “insubordinate.” Frustrated by the administration’s failure to reign in Genoways, Morrissey went over Godbold to more senior officials and the gentle man apologized to Godbold for doing so! Godbold agreed that HR had no power over Genoways, a manager, because he reported directly to the then campus President Casteen. And the president’s office had done nothing to protect Morrissey. The last disparaging e-mail from Genoways to Morrissey was on July 30 at 9:47 am. Kevin committed suicide shortly after that. – GN



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