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Unemployment insurance for NY targets of workplace bullying

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

WBI colleague and Suffolk University Law Professor David Yamada reports in his blog that unemployment insurance is possible for workers who voluntarily quit because of workplace bullying. The examples are specific to New York state, but there is hope. He writes:

disrespectful and bullying-type behaviors that exceed the bounds of propriety (that appears to be the key phrase) may constitute good cause to voluntarily leave a job and thus not disqualify someone from receiving unemployment benefits.

Actual case file numbers are provided in his essay for use in other states. Thanks to David for adding another tool to the survival kit for bullied targets.

Read the blog, Minding the Workplace.


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Workplace Bullying Targets to Employers: I Won’t Beg

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

[The unspoken, unwritten message employers need to hear.]

I love my job. I apply my education and experience to the task that keeps me stimulated and for which I can still get excited.

When I took this job I didn’t agree to be abused in exchange for a paycheck. I didn’t ask if you had abusers on the payroll and if you were sending me to work with them. I assumed the goodness in everyone as a starting point. I know now I should not have.

It was you who assigned me to a work group managed by a person you chose. I assumed you had managers trained in the interpersonal art of managing people. Evidently you think that is too expensive and rely instead on on-the-job training. All of us pay for that shortsighted decision.



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New WBI Training DVD: Teach your psychotherapist

Friday, May 24th, 2013

An Introduction to Workplace Bullying: For Mental Health Practitioners

We designed this brand new DVD with two goals in mind: To help Targets of workplace bullying and to train mental health professionals about this challenging topic. It is the perfect introductory training for mental health practitioners.

It gives Targets the power to teach their counselors about workplace bullying. As a bullied target, you can watch this video alongside your therapist and learn about the phenomenon together, during a single session. Don’t blame your therapist for not understanding workplace bullying. There are not many professionals out there that have experience with the phenomenon. In a 2013 WBI Instant Poll only 29.7% of Mental Health Professionals had a complete understanding of workplace bullying.

Teach Your Psychotherapist How to Help You

Bullied targets are a challenging clinical population, in part due to the recurring trauma and marked isolation they endure. And, while a significant body of research links workplace bullying to physical, mental, social, and economic health harm for the bullied target, there is a paucity of mental health professionals specially trained to work with this phenomenon.

What to do: Use one 50 min. session with your psychotherapist to play this DVD while you are in the room. Stop the disc whenever questions arise, or if you want to make a point to your therapist about your experience. Use the DVD to start a dialogue.

In this video, Jessi Eden Brown, MS, LMHC, LPC, NCC an experienced, licensed mental health therapist and the WBI Professional Coach, shows clinicians the pitfalls many therapists fall into when helping Targets of workplace bullying. She offers practical advice about how best to support those hurting. Viewers will learn how to recognize the signs, and address the symptoms, of workplace bullying in their clients. Ms. Brown skillfully imparts the unique treatment considerations associated with counseling bullied targets and offers practitioners an assortment of resources for supporting clients and their families.

Targets and counselors, click here to purchase a DVD for your next session!


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WBI Study: Timing & Results of Targets Confronting Bullies at Work

Friday, March 29th, 2013

WBI 2013-D Instant Poll

Individuals unfamiliar with details of the workplace bullying phenomenon but who declare themselves workplace experts suggest or insist that workers targeted for bullying directly confront their assailants. In a large-sample 2012 survey [WBI-2012-Strategies Effectiveness], 70% of 1,600 individuals said they attempted to confront their bully. The torment ended in only 3.5% of situations. Confrontation was ineffective.

This 2013 Instant Poll survey investigated whether the timing of a confrontation would affect effectiveness. WBI Instant Polls are online single-question surveys that rely upon self-selected samples of individuals bullied at work (typically 98% of any sample). No demographic data are collected. Our non-scientific Instant Polls accurately depict the perceptions of workers targeted for bullying at work as contrasted with the views of all adult Americans in our scientific national surveys.

We asked 554 target-respondents to answer the following question.

For bullied targets only. When did you confront your bully, telling her or him that the abusive conduct was unacceptable to you?



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WBI Study: Barriers to workplace bullied targets leaving their jobs

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

WBI 2013-C Instant Poll

One of the criticisms leveled against individuals targeted for workplace bullying is that they should “just” quit. That simplistic advice is cruel and short-sighted. Quitting is not a simple decision. Consider for a moment the single parent target. What will replace the lost income?

We at WBI who have talked to thousands of targets over the years by phone and in-person know there are other barriers to leaving a toxic work environment, regardless of how damaging that job and employer are to the target’s health. It is never easy to leave, to escape to safety.

This survey asks target-respondents to evaluate which two barriers listed convinced them to not leave.



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WBI Survey: Half of workplace bullied targets forgo taking leave

Monday, February 11th, 2013

WBI 2013-A Instant Poll

Individuals who are bullied at work can suffer stress. With prolonged exposure, that stress can trigger stress-related diseases. Health complications follow. At some point, those individuals are adversely affected and work suffers. It becomes apparent to them, coworkers, and family members that leave from work should be taken to allow for health recovery.

Leave options for American workers include taking paid sick leave, filing for workers compensation, taking family medical leave or seeking disability insurance. Only 23% of private-sector employers offer at least one day of paid sick leave. There is no national mandate for employers to provide paid sick leave in the U.S.



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Treating PTSD: Lessons from veterans for workplace bullying targets

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Wanted to alert WBI followers to a marvelous review of the newest approaches to treating PTSD written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Tina Rosenberg. The New York Times article is called For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma. Key points include:

- alternatives to cognitive behavioral therapy (talk-insight) exist in which PTSD victims do not have to recite details of their ordeal to de-sensitize themselves over time
- a Mind-Body program has a low dropout rate with 80% improvement score
- mindfulness may bring positive results



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Eloquent Bullied Workers Support NY 2012 Healthy Workplace Bill (Part 3)

Monday, May 14th, 2012

At the April 30, 2012 New York State Capitol press conference coordinated by the NY Healthy Workplace Advocates, an affiliate of the national Healthy Workplace Bill Campaign, lawmakers and endorsing unions and organizations were joined by four eloquent bullied targets. NY State Coordinators Tom Witt and Mike Schlicht hosted and concluded the event.

Part 3 -Target Support (42:53)

WBI has broken the 70 min. press conference into 3 parts for easier viewing.

View Part 1: Lawmakers

View Part 2: Unions & Orgs


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May 6-12 Nurses Week recognizing Caring & Bullied health professionals

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

May 6 launched Nurses Week, promoted by the American Nurses Association. It’s a time to honor some of the most selfless working professionals you will ever know. Florence Nightingale was the founder of the profession. The 2012 theme for the Week is Advocating, Leading, Caring.

The sad part is that for all their caring and altruism that benefits all of us, the sacrifices of personal health and workplace status are staggering. Nurses are the primary targets of workplace bullying in the healthcare world. Not only do arrogant physicians (lords of the trade) pummel nurses, nurses often mistreat their own. They call it “lateral violence.”

WBI salutes Nurses for understanding workplace bullying and for being such strong advocates for our legislation in states to prevent and correct bullying. Thank you.


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For bullied workers, relief comes from reclaiming control

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

The most recent WBI survey has clearly shown that traditional (employer-compliant) tactics for individuals to solve their bullying problems don’t work — averaging a 97% failure rate. All tactics (confronting, seeking help from HR or the bully’s boss or the owner) lead to retaliation because employers can’t stand the fact that you have made them aware that bullying happens in their place. Bullied targets are messengers of bad news. Never mind that every workplace can be prone to bullying. Shooting the messenger becomes the most important task rather than fixing the work environment that fostered bullying.

The problem with those tactics recommended by “workplace experts” is that all demand acquiescence to another person’s control of your worklife — bully, HR, senior management or owners. The single common thread uniting all bullies, regardless of rank or tactic used, is the personal need to control the targeted individual.



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