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Unions taking care of their own members: An obvious solution to workplace bullying

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

I just returned from an invigorating, stimulating and inspirational meeting in San Francisco staged by the Stop Workplace Bullying Group. [Every meeting I attend is about workplace bullying, nothing else.] And in the ILWU Local 34 union hall on Sat. July 27, community leaders and unionists gathered to share tales of whistleblowing and bullying and to plan future action.

Three major union-related themes emerged

1. Unions fail when leaders are themselves bullies and turn a deaf ear to the plight of abused members who turn to the union for help. Sadly, this is often the case. Why? One explanation is that in order to be popular enough within membership, one has to show toughness to fight for contract provisions (see what the largest union of California state employees was able to negotiate in 2013 for its members), and in daily encounters with management. Thus, the profile of an ideal local president fits closely with the characteristics of a bully. There may be a selection factor.

An alternative explanation is that many contemporary union leaders want to get along with management, to “partner,” to make concessions to appear cooperative. This tactic compromises the function of the union — to speak a collective voice to balance management’s desire to own all aspects the production process. Members see this type of leader as a sellout.

The SF meeting attendees declared that, regardless of the reason for union leaders not supporting members, leaders who stand in the way of eradicating workplace bullying should be removed from office!



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Workplace Bullying Institute joins San Francisco LaborFest 2013

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

San Francisco LaborFest 2013
Workplace Bullying, Health and Safety

Saturday July 27 11:00 – 4:00 PM (Free)
ILWU Local 34 Hall
801 2nd St. next to AT&T Stadium, San Francisco

Registration Requested: Call 415-282-1908 or e-mail to

Dr. Gary Namie, Director, WBI
Carrie Clark, California Healthy Workplace Advocates
Greg Sorozan, Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates, NAGE-SEIU Natl VP
Stacie Plummer, City Of Richmond Library Worker
IFPTE Local 21 Steward
Brenda Barros, SEIU Local 1021 San Francisco General Hospital
Dr. Derek Kerr, SF General Hospital whistleblower
Dr. Larry Rose, former Director of the Cal Osha Medical Unit
Kathleen Carroll, attorney

Sponsors: Stop Workplace Bullying Group SWBG
Injured Workers National Network, IWNN
Grupo Presente
California Healthy Workplace Advocates

For information contact IWNN at (415) 282-1908.

There will be live streaming of this event on the internet. Watch this blog for details.


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Whistleblowers and bullied workers speak up at S.F. City Hall

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

On April 15, Steve Zeltzer organized a rally at which S.F. City workers spoke. Most were whistleblowers who have been retaliated against for their integrity. Hear Carrie Clark, State Coordinator for California Healthy Workplace Advocates [at the 29:00 min. mark] and Dr. Gary Namie, Director, Workplace Bullying Institute [at the 13:33 min. mark].


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Carrie Clark, target turned advocate, on workplace bullying

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Carrie Clark, California State Co-Coordinator, spoke on March 2, 2013 about workplace bullying and the need for the Healthy Workplace Bill in states.

The presentation was made at a forum on the epidemic of bullying against public workers in northern California sponsored by the Stop Workplace Bullying Group, the Injured Workers National Network IWNN and the United Public Workers for Action.


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Why the U.S. needs, and we are advocates for, the Healthy Workplace Bill

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

As of Nov. 22, 2011, there are 12 states carrying 18 versions of our anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill sponsored by hundreds of state legislators of both political parties. You can see for yourself by visiting the website for the national Healthy Workplace Campaign. Learn about the bill here. We also address criticisms of the HWB.



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Podcast 11: The Plight of Bullied Teachers

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Podcast 11:

The Plight of Bullied Teachers

Guest Podcast: Teachers Bullied at School — Observations About Teachers as Targets a Teacher

Carrie Clark, guest WBI podcaster

Carrie Clark, podcaster

Carrie Clark, MA — WBI-Legislative Campaign spokesperson, Co-Coordinator of the California Healthy Workplace Advocates, and CHWA Blogger, former English school teacher, veteran of 20+ years, and WBI Consultant for the Workplace Bullying in Schools Project

Part 1: When Teachers Are Bullied, 6’27″
The special case of teachers, who they are and why they get bullied
Download Podcast 11 – Part 1 (in .mp3 format)

Part 2: Solutions for Bullied Teachers, 2’14″
Download Podcast 11 – Part 2 (in .mp3 format)

Watch the video of Carrie narrating a 2008 BNET production on workplace bullying — Calling a Bully a Bully


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Workplace Bullying Goes to School

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Sioux City District First in Nation with Bullying Prevention Program for Adults
Partners with Workplace Bullying Institute

Schools and student bullying are a September tradition. However, this year, there is a new twist. The Sioux City (Iowa) Community School District (SCCSD) is boldly taking steps to prevent bullying among teachers, staff and administrators. They are first district in the nation to launch an anti-bullying program for adult employees.

[Interested school district administrators are invited to call 360-656-6603]



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Video: San Francisco Labor Hour TV

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

San Francisco Labor Hour February 2007 Panel Including Dr Ruth and Dr Gary Namie California Coordinators Carrie Clark, Bill Lepowsky & Rhea Settles Hosted by Steve Zeltzer


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