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When adults cyberbully others

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Raphael Golb, a 50 year old literature scholar and real estate lawyer with a Harvard Ph.D. and an NYU law degree, posed online through false identities as academics whose scholarly work about the Dead Sea Scrolls conflicted with Golb’s father’s life work on the Scrolls. Golb, the younger, believed that his antics were “satire, irony and parody,” a hoax. Prosecutors called it “malicious harassment and impersonation.” Golb claimed free speech rights. The court disagreed. Rather than bolster his father’s reputation, Golb did irreparable damage to it and was sentenced to six months in jail on Nov. 18. The verdict has been appealed. Read the story in the Chronicle of Higher Education or the Associated Press.


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WBI's position on mediation and workplace bullying

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Bullying is rarely just conflict. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on an  American Arbitration Association (AAA) initiative to address workplace bullying in the academe. The WBI position is clear. When there is a power/status difference, mediation is the wrong tool. We do not mediate domestic violence cases. When there is clearly a perpetrator-initiator and an involuntary target, mediation further compromises the compromised. When the organization believes the target finally attempting to fight back makes him or her equally wrong, mediation doesn’t work.



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